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Move the Decimal Point to Change a Number’s Value

When you’re working with whole numbers, you can multiply or divide any number by 10 just by moving the decimal point to the right or left, respectively. When you multiply by moving the decimal point to [more…]

How to Round Decimals

Rounding decimals works almost exactly the same as rounding numbers. You will usually need to round a decimal either to a whole number or to one or two decimal places. [more…]

How to Add Decimals

Adding decimals is almost as easy as adding whole numbers. As long as you set up the problem correctly, you’re in good shape. To add decimals, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Subtract Decimals

Subtracting decimals is almost as easy as subtracting whole numbers. As long as you set up the problem correctly, you’re in good shape. Here’s how you subtract decimals: [more…]

How to Multiply Decimals

Multiplying decimals is different from adding and subtracting them in that you don’t have to worry about lining up the decimal points. In fact, the only difference between multiplying whole numbers and [more…]

How to Divide Decimals

When you know how to do long division, figuring out how to divide decimals is easy. However, unlike dividing whole numbers, with decimals, you have to add trailing zeros in the dividend and you also have [more…]

How to Use Trailing Zeros and Leading Zeros in a Decimal Number

When you work with decimal numbers, you need to understand the difference between trailing zeros and leading zeros, as well as how they affect the value of the number. [more…]

Calculate Addition and Subtraction Problems Using Decimals

You frequently work with decimals when dealing with money, metric measurements, and food sold by the pound. The following problem requires you to add and subtract decimals. Even though the decimals may [more…]

How to Change Fractions to Decimals

Converting fractions to decimals isn’t difficult, but to do it, you need to know about decimal division. You also need to know how to deal with terminating and repeating decimals in your answer. Here are [more…]

Common Fraction and Decimal Equivalents in Business Math

Fractions and decimals form the basis of much of the math in business. The following table shows you some of the more commonly used fractions and their decimal equivalents. An ellipsis [more…]

Basic Math Tips: Decimals

Decimals are commonly used for money, as well as for weights and measures, especially when using the metric system. As you practice basic math and pre-algebra problems, you'll find that decimals are easier [more…]

Dollars and Decimals

You use decimals all the time when you count money. And a great way to begin thinking about decimals is as dollars and cents. For example, you know that [more…]

How to Identify the Place Value of Decimals

With decimals, this idea behind the place value of whole numbers is extended. First, a decimal point is placed to the right of the ones place in a whole number. Then more numbers are appended to the right [more…]

How to Change Decimals to Fractions

Converting a decimal to a fraction is pretty simple. The only tricky part comes in when you have to reduce the fraction or change it to a mixed number. [more…]

How to Add and Subtract Decimals

You shouldn’t lose much sleep at night worrying about adding and subtracting decimals, because it’s nearly as easy as adding and subtracting whole numbers. Simply line up the decimal points and then add [more…]

How to Multiply Decimals

To multiply two decimals, don’t worry about lining up the decimal points. In fact, to start out, ignore the decimal points. Here’s how the multiplication works: [more…]

How to Divide Decimals

Dividing decimals is similar to dividing whole numbers, except you have to handle the decimal point before you start dividing. Here’s how to divide decimals step by step: [more…]

How to Convert from Decimals to Fractions

Some conversions from very common decimals to fractions are easy. In other cases, you have to do a bit more work. Here’s how to change any decimal into a fraction: [more…]

How to Convert from Fractions to Decimals

To change any fraction to a decimal, just divide the numerator by the denominator. Often, you need to find the exact decimal value of a fraction. You can represent every fraction exactly as either a terminating [more…]

How to Convert Percents to Decimals

Percents and decimals are very similar forms, so everything you know about decimals carries over when you're working with percents. All you need to do is convert your percent to a decimal, and you're good [more…]

How to Change Decimals to Percents

Calculating with percents is easiest when you convert to decimals first. When you’re done calculating, however, you often need to change your answer from a decimal back to a percent. This is especially [more…]

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