Time, Numbers & Counting in Spanish

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Telling Time in Spanish

Regardless of which Spanish-speaking country you’re in, a conversation about time usually starts with ¿Qué hora es? (What time is it?) Here’s how you can tell someone what time it is in Spanish: [more…]

Ordering Up Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

Spanish speakers use ordinal numbers — those used to express numbers in a series — far less frequently than cardinal numbers, but ordinals still have some very important applications in everyday life. [more…]

Talking about a Specific Time in Spanish

In Spanish, when you want to discuss when a particular event will occur, you can use a common Spanish phrase — ¿A qué hora . . . ? (At what time . . .?) [more…]

When Everything Counts: Using Spanish Numbers

After you know the Spanish numbers, you can sound like a native Spanish speaker by paying attention to the nuances of pronouncing and writing the numbers. Here are the rules to remember when using cardinal [more…]

Using the Spanish Preposition Hasta Correctly

The Spanish preposition hasta(ahs-tah) can mean either until or to, depending on the context of a sentence. Although still considered a common Spanish preposition, [more…]

Ordinal Numbers in Spanish: The Big Countdown

Ordinal numbers tell you order and sequence. In English, you say, first, second, third, and so on. In Spanish, the corresponding ordinal numbers are primero [more…]

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