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Cashing In on Spanish Money Terms

Although each Spanish-speaking country has its own form of currency, some words and phrases about money are the same, no matter where you travel. Here are a few Spanish words and phrases that you can take [more…]

Operating an ATM Using Spanish Instructions

Some ATMs are bilingual; they flash their signals in both Spanish and English. Others give you instructions only in Spanish. In case you happen upon a machine that displays its messages in Spanish, here [more…]

Knowing the Names of Latin American Currencies

Some Latin American countries use the same name, peso(peh-soh), for their currency. However, other countries have their own Spanish word for the name of their money. Here are the names of many currencies [more…]

Paying with Credit Cards in Spanish Stores

Credit cards are a safe, clean way of handling your money in a Spanish-speaking country. Paying with your credit card has many advantages. You don’t have to carry cash, your expenses are registered in [more…]

Exchanging Your Dollars for the Local Currency

Each country has its own currency, so when you travel in Spanish-speaking countries, you need to use the local currency to make your transactions. Don’t use your dollars to buy Spanish goods or services [more…]

Using Travelers’ Checks in Spanish-Speaking Countries

Travelers’ checks are a safe way to carry your money. One inconvenience of using travelers' checks in Spanish-speaking countries is that you need to find the right place to cash them. Banks do, and many [more…]

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