Greetings & Introductions in Spanish

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Formally Introducing Yourself in Spanish

Whether you’re speaking in Spanish, English, or Esperanto, introducing yourself formally means that you don’t talk in a chummy, informal way to a person with whom you have no relationship. Instead, especially [more…]

Talking on the Phone in Spanish

Talking on the phone in a Spanish-speaking country isn’t much different from talking on the phone in the United States. However, the word you use for “hello” on the phone may be different depending on [more…]

Useful Spanish Expressions

This list gives you 11 of the most commonly used Spanish phrases to master. Many of these can come up in the course of a conversation, so make a point of knowing them. [more…]

Very Formal Introductions in Spanish

Just as with English speakers, Spanish speakers introduce each other differently according to whether a formal or informal approach is needed. Use these phrases when being introduced to an important or [more…]

Spanish Introductions

Introducing yourself or someone else in Spanish requires more than "Hola. Me llamo . . ." Spanish has informal and formal greetings and introductions. This video tutorial lets you hear pronunciation and [more…]

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