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Deciphering Spanish Surnames

The construction of a Spanish surname (otherwise known as a last name) is quite different from that of an English surname. Here’s an example to help you understand how Spanish names are constructed: [more…]

Asking about Hotel Parking in Spanish

If you plan to stay in a Spanish hotel, finding a place to park your car, if you have one, is important, especially where parking spaces are limited, as they tend to be in the beautiful colonial downtown [more…]

Going to a Spanish Theater

A Spanish theater can be the perfect place to absorb the Spanish language. But first, you’re likely to be engaged in a conversation like the following one about going to the theater: [more…]

Going the Distance in Spanish, and Measuring It

When you talk about distances in Spanish, you generally use the metric system, which is based on units of 10. That makes it easy to convert between centimeters, meters, and kilometers. But occasionally [more…]

Solving Spanish Crossword and Fill-In Puzzles Like a Pro

Whether you’re solving in Spanish or English, the main difference between crossword and fill-in puzzles is that fill-ins don’t have numbers, and so you have to figure out on your own where the answers [more…]

Finding the Answers in Spanish Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles commonly come in two flavors: the seek-and-find variety that includes a list of words you need to find, and the secret list variety, which describes a group of words and leaves figuring [more…]

Decoding a Spanish Cryptogram Puzzle

Cracking the code of a cryptogram puzzle (in which letters stand in for other letters) becomes easier when you know a few inside tips: [more…]

Retaining the Vocabulary You Learn from Spanish Word Games

Learning Spanish isn’t all about vocabulary, but learning vocabulary certainly doesn’t hurt. As you work through Spanish Word Games For Dummies, or any Spanish language course, use these tips to make sure [more…]

Spanish Word Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Solving word games and puzzles helps improve your Spanish language skills in a fun, effective way. You get even more out of the puzzles and Spanish vocabulary when you follow a few suggestions for solving [more…]

Useful Spanish Expressions

This list gives you 11 of the most commonly used Spanish phrases to master. Many of these can come up in the course of a conversation, so make a point of knowing them. [more…]

Very Formal Introductions in Spanish

Just as with English speakers, Spanish speakers introduce each other differently according to whether a formal or informal approach is needed. Use these phrases when being introduced to an important or [more…]

Spanish Words for When You Need Help

Everyone needs a bit of help at times, and sometimes you need it quite urgently. Knowing these few words enables you to get attention should something bad happen. [more…]

Getting Emergency Help and Giving Warnings in Spanish

Emergencies can happen whether you know Spanish or not, so if you're in a Spanish-speaking area, you need to be prepared to warn others and/or get help in Spanish should an emergency situation arise. Following [more…]

Spanish Introductions

Introducing yourself or someone else in Spanish requires more than "Hola. Me llamo . . ." Spanish has informal and formal greetings and introductions. This video tutorial lets you hear pronunciation and [more…]

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