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How to Pronounce Vowels in Spanish

The letters that are vowels in English are also vowels in Spanish, but they aren't always pronounced the same. Generally speaking, pronouncing vowels in Spanish is a lot less complicated than pronouncing [more…]

Pronouncing the Spanish Double Consonants ll and rr

Spanish has two double consonants, ll and rr. Each pair is considered a single letter, and each has a singular sound. Because these consonants are considered singular, they stick together when you separate [more…]

Detecting Diphthongs in Spanish

Diphthong means double sound. The Spanish word is diptongo (deep-tohn-goh). Diptongos are the combination of two vowels, from the Spanish-speaking point of view. For instance, the vowels [more…]

Pronouncing Consonants in Spanish

In general, consonants tend to sound the same in English and Spanish when they are spoken within a word. But you’ll find a few differences in how certain consonants are pronounced in Spanish. Sometimes [more…]

Stressing the Right Syllable in Spanish Words

In Spanish, one syllable is stressed in every word. Stress is the emphasis that you put on a syllable as you speak it. One syllable always gets more emphasis than the others. With single-syllable words [more…]

Speaking and Listening to Improve Your Spanish

Even if you want to learn Spanish only so that you can read and write it, speaking and listening in Spanish helps you absorb the language effectively and efficiently. But talking in Spanish can be intimidating [more…]

Spanish Vowels

In Spanish, vowels don't change the way they are pronounced based on the other letters around them. Every vowel has a single pronunciation nearly every time. This video guides you through those vowels [more…]

Spanish Consonants

All but a handful of consonants sound the same in Spanish as they do in English. This video guides you through the consonants that are pronounced or used differently in Spanish. Practice pronouncing the [more…]

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