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What Is the Subjunctive Mood?

In any language (Spanish or otherwise), the subjunctive isn’t a tense, which tells when an action took place: present, past, or future. Rather, the subjunctive is a [more…]

Omitting Articles in Spanish

In the Spanish language, articles are often useful to indicate a subject’s number and gender. However, in some cases, dropping Spanish articles is more efficient, which can make knowing when to leave them [more…]

Using the Four Definite Articles of Spanish

In the number-of-definite-articles game, the Spanish language trumps the English language four to one. What’s more is that the four forms of the Spanish [more…]

Creating Contractions with Articles in Spanish

Believe it or not, the entire Spanish language features only two contractions. And unlike English contractions, which never include the definite article [more…]

Getting to Know Spanish Indefinite Articles

If you’re a fan of indefinite articles, then you’re in luck: Spanish gives you a range of ways to say a, an,one, and some. Believe it or not, indefinite articles in Spanish also indicate both the number [more…]

Distinguishing Masculine and Feminine Articles in Spanish

Like many things in the Spanish language, Spanish articles have either a masculine or a feminine gender that must match the masculine or feminine gender of the Spanish nouns you pair them with. [more…]

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