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How to Pronounce Vowels in Spanish

The letters that are vowels in English are also vowels in Spanish, but they aren't always pronounced the same. Generally speaking, pronouncing vowels in Spanish is a lot less complicated than pronouncing [more…]

Pronouncing the Spanish Double Consonants ll and rr

Spanish has two double consonants, ll and rr. Each pair is considered a single letter, and each has a singular sound. Because these consonants are considered singular, they stick together when you separate [more…]

Detecting Diphthongs in Spanish

Diphthong means double sound. The Spanish word is diptongo (deep-tohn-goh). Diptongos are the combination of two vowels, from the Spanish-speaking point of view. For instance, the vowels [more…]

Pronouncing the Spanish Letter ñ

The consonant ñ gives the Spanish alphabet one more letter than the English alphabet. When you see a wiggly line — called a tilde(teel-deh) — on top of the letter [more…]

Reciting the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish and English alphabets are almost identical, with just a few exceptions. The Spanish alphabet includes all of the letters in the English alphabet but it adds [more…]

Practising Your Spanish ABCs

To learn a new language you need to develop a foundation of skills and then build upon that foundation. One of the first skills to master is learning the alphabet. Here is the Spanish alphabet, together [more…]

Spanish Alphabet

The alphabet is the building block of any language, Spanish included. The following table goes through the pronunciation of each of the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet, which is the same as the English [more…]

The Spanish Alphabet

Correct Spanish pronunciation begins with the Spanish alphabet. Although the letters look the same, they are pronounced differently in Spanish. Practice pronouncing the letters as you hear consonants and [more…]

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