ASL: Emergencies

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ASL: How to Sign about Medical Professionals

Doctor visits ensure good health — or are necessary when you're unwell. The signs in this table help you identify the people you deal with in a medical situation. The doctor is in! [more…]

How to Describe Symptoms and Illnesses in American Sign Language

Knowing the American Sign Language (ASL) signs for symptoms of illness can really help you figure out the best way to handle a medical problem. Like with talking, signing is sometimes difficult when you [more…]

ASL: How to Sign Medical and Hospital Terms

Medical words are simple in American Sign Language (ASL) — they usually look like what they mean. For example, blood pressure is signed by making a C handshape with your dominant hand and then placing [more…]

How to Communicate about Safety in American Sign Language

Keeping the people you're with safe is probably a high priority — and these American Sign Language (ASL) signs can help you do just that, whether you're signing with a Deaf friend or your toddler: [more…]

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