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How to Behave Politely when Hanging Out with Deaf Friends

In order to be comfortable in the Deaf community, you should be familiar with some of their customs and nuances. Here are some common Deaf customs you may encounter when spending time with Deaf friends [more…]

ASL: How to Make a Phone Call with a Teletype

The first teletype machine was invented in 1964 by a Deaf physicist named Robert Weitbrecht. With this invention, Weitbrecht opened up the world of tele-conversation to the Deaf. When people refer to teletype [more…]

ASL: How to Use a Relay Service to Make a Phone Call

A relay service is just that — a telephone service that relays information to a Deaf caller who doesn’t have or isn’t using a TTY telecommunications device. A toll-free number connects you to a TTY operator [more…]

ASL: How to Use a Tele-Interpreter for a Phone Call

Tele-interpreting, which utilizes the help of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, is still a reliable form of communication even though it isn’t as common as it used to be. Tele-interpreting continues [more…]

How to Pick Up American Sign Language Quickly

Using American Sign Language (ASL) with your Deaf friends is easy. You have natural signs and gestures to make your point, but you need to practice to really become proficient. Here are some of the things [more…]

How to Start a Conversation in American Sign Language

Most people who learn American Sign Language (ASL) look forward to signing with others. Attending functions with other Signers gives ample opportunity to practice. At Deaf functions, signed conversation [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Your Family Members

If you want to share information about your family by using American Sign Language (ASL), you need to know a few signs. Describing your family is one way to tell someone about yourself. Using the common [more…]

ASL: How to Relate Where You Live and Work

Giving others information about your workplace and home by using American Sign Language (ASL) is easy — but be careful because many other eyes can see what you sign. Exchanging addresses and phone numbers [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Occupations

When sharing info through American Sign Language (ASL) about your profession, be it your job title or what your job entails, you can usually use signs specific to that job or function. This table lists [more…]

How to Make Plans by Using American Sign Language

Planning a gathering with friends who use American Sign Language (ASL) has never been so easy. The signs in the following table can help get you on your way. [more…]

How to Describe Your Home with American Sign Language

You can give the grand tour of your home without one word of explanation if you use American Sign Language (ASL). You can also sign about the rooms in your house and the the furniture you have in them. [more…]

How to Give Directions in American Sign Language

When giving or getting directions in American Sign Language (ASL), you need to keep two things in mind. Get these direction-signing strategies down, and you can tell people exactly where to go and how [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Landmarks

Most people find landmarks to be helpful when giving or receiving directions, and you can communicate that information through American Sign Language (ASL). After all, signing for someone to turn right [more…]

How to Discuss Transportation in American Sign Language

Whether you need to get around town or want to see the world, travel requires transportation of some sort. The signs in this table can help you arrange your free-wheeling adventures. [more…]

How to Express Your Feelings in American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL), like any other language, allows you to communicate your feelings. You can sign about how that movie made you sad or how seeing your Deaf friend made you happy: [more…]

Using American Sign Language (ASL) for Simple Sentences

Before you start signing Shakespearean monologues, start with some simple sentences. This video illustrates a dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL) that uses only simple sentences. [more…]

How to Sign Numbers in American Sign Language (ASL)

Counting from one to ten in American Sign Language (ASL) is pretty simple, but what about higher numbers? This video shows you how to sign in tens and hundreds, plus how to sign ordinal numbers like [more…]

How to Give Your Address in American Sign Language (ASL)

Being able to give your address in American Sign Language (ASL) can be important, especially if you're lost in a strange place. The example dialogue in this video illustrates how you might sign your address [more…]

Engaging in Small Talk in American Sign Language (ASL)

Small talk lets you find out a little about someone you've just met, and it's as prevalent in Sign as it is in the spoken word. This video shows two people having a little chat at a dinner party using [more…]

American Sign Language (ASL) on the Job

If you need to learn American Sign Language (ASL) for use on the job, this video can help you out. In it, a new hire uses Sign to ask about the different people she will work with and where they are. [more…]

Ordering a Drink in American Sign Language (ASL)

Would you like something to drink? If so, learning how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to order a drink can come in handy. This short video illustrates two people placing their drink orders in Sign [more…]

How to Sign about the House in American Sign Language (ASL)

In this example dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL), a couple is excited about buying their first home. They illustrate some common words and phrases about what they like about the house and what [more…]

Expressing Opinions in American Sign Language (ASL)

This short video shows a disagreement in American Sign Language (ASL) about the color of a wedding cake. It illustrates how you might sign your opinions and the opinions of others. [more…]

Showing an Exclamation in American Sign Language (ASL)

Ohh! Did you know that exclamations in all languages tell the listener how you feel about a subject? American Sign Language (ASL) is no different. Wow! Like English, ASL exclamations show how strongly [more…]

How to Sign Times and Directions in American Sign Language (ASL)

If you're using American Sign Language (ASL) to plan a meetup, you need to be able to sign times and directions. This video shows an example conversation of someone giving a meeting time and place in Sign [more…]

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