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Five Animals for Baby to Sign

Animals are a big deal for babies, so knowing how to sign animals is important. After all, babies see them in books, on television, as toys, and more. [more…]

Baby Signing for the Great Outdoors

Making baby signs for the outdoors is something that a child will do enthusiastically. There's a whole world of learning outside, and babies seem to instinctively know that. [more…]

Some Basic Signs to Teach Baby

Babies and toddlers can use some basic signs when you leave them with a caregiver or pick them up, when they learns who's who in a family, and when they want to melt your heart by showing they love you [more…]

Baby Signing for Mealtime

Mealtime signs can prevent frustration for babies and toddlers (and you!) if they know how to express their needs. Baby signing during meals means less cleanup time [more…]

Using American Sign Language (ASL) for Simple Sentences

Before you start signing Shakespearean monologues, start with some simple sentences. This video illustrates a dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL) that uses only simple sentences. [more…]

How to Sign Numbers in American Sign Language (ASL)

Counting from one to ten in American Sign Language (ASL) is pretty simple, but what about higher numbers? This video shows you how to sign in tens and hundreds, plus how to sign ordinal numbers like [more…]

How to Give Your Address in American Sign Language (ASL)

Being able to give your address in American Sign Language (ASL) can be important, especially if you're lost in a strange place. The example dialogue in this video illustrates how you might sign your address [more…]

Engaging in Small Talk in American Sign Language (ASL)

Small talk lets you find out a little about someone you've just met, and it's as prevalent in Sign as it is in the spoken word. This video shows two people having a little chat at a dinner party using [more…]

American Sign Language (ASL) on the Job

If you need to learn American Sign Language (ASL) for use on the job, this video can help you out. In it, a new hire uses Sign to ask about the different people she will work with and where they are. [more…]

Ordering a Drink in American Sign Language (ASL)

Would you like something to drink? If so, learning how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to order a drink can come in handy. This short video illustrates two people placing their drink orders in Sign [more…]

How to Sign about the House in American Sign Language (ASL)

In this example dialogue in American Sign Language (ASL), a couple is excited about buying their first home. They illustrate some common words and phrases about what they like about the house and what [more…]

Expressing Opinions in American Sign Language (ASL)

This short video shows a disagreement in American Sign Language (ASL) about the color of a wedding cake. It illustrates how you might sign your opinions and the opinions of others. [more…]

Showing an Exclamation in American Sign Language (ASL)

Ohh! Did you know that exclamations in all languages tell the listener how you feel about a subject? American Sign Language (ASL) is no different. Wow! Like English, ASL exclamations show how strongly [more…]

How to Sign Times and Directions in American Sign Language (ASL)

If you're using American Sign Language (ASL) to plan a meetup, you need to be able to sign times and directions. This video shows an example conversation of someone giving a meeting time and place in Sign [more…]

How to Introduce Yourself in American Sign Language (ASL)

Most people who learn American Sign Language (ASL) look forward to signing with others. When you meet someone for the first time, you want to introduce yourself. This video illustrates how you can greet [more…]

Giving Directions in American Sign Language (ASL)

Whether you get lost or someone needs your help to find the way, knowing how to give directions in American Sign Language (ASL) can be helpful. The example dialogue in this video illustrates how you might [more…]

Expressing Emotions in American Sign Language (ASL)

Sharing your feelings and emotions when signing is easy because American Sign Language (ASL) is naturally so expressive. Although many emotions have their own sign -- like the ones illustrated in this [more…]

Discussing Travel in American Sign Language (ASL)

Traveling around the United States can be fun, and talking about your travels in American Sign Language (ASL) can be even more fun. Many states and cities have their own name signs or abbreviations, but [more…]

Talking about Your Daily Plans in American Sign Language (ASL)

This video shows a simple conversation in American Sign Language (ASL) between roommates talking about their plans for the day. One signs that he wants to see a movie, and his roommate asks if she can [more…]

Signing about Sickness in American Sign Language (ASL)

If you get sick and need medical help, you need to be able to let the people around you know. This video shows how you can use American Sign Language (ASL) tell people that you need to go to the hospital [more…]

Signing about Food in American Sign Language (ASL)

Everybody eats, so being able to let people know in American Sign Language (ASL) that you're hungry and what you want to eat is very useful. This video shows a Sign language conversation about what to [more…]

Using American Sign Language (ASL) While Shopping

You can have all kinds of reactions to what you see when you're shopping for new clothes. This video shows examples in American Sign Language (ASL) of the types of clothes these two shoppers find and their [more…]

Using American Sign Language (ASL) When Approaching Someone New

If you think someone might know American Sign Language (ASL), asking them about it might feel awkward, but it needn't be that way. In this video, Buddy sees Della make a gesture that looks like Sign and [more…]

Using American Sign Language (ASL) to Make Plans Based on the Weather

Your plans to play golf or go swimming might be pre-empted by bad weather. This video shows an example dialogue in which two people use American Sign Language [more…]

The Letters of the Alphabet in American Sign Language (ASL)

If you want to learn a new language, including American Sign Language (ASL), you should start with the basics. And you can't get more basic than the alphabet! This video shows you how to sign the 26 letters [more…]

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