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ASL: How to Sign Medical and Hospital Terms

Medical words are simple in American Sign Language (ASL) — they usually look like what they mean. For example, blood pressure is signed by making a C handshape with your dominant hand and then placing [more…]

How to Indicate Body Parts in American Sign Language

If you’re using American Sign Language (ASL) to describe body parts, you may only need to point to the part of the body. Most of the signs in the following tables are signed with a double motion; for example [more…]

ASL: How to Interpret Popular Deaf Expressions

American Sign Language (ASL) uses expressions in much the same way that English does. Practice these expressions with people who’ve been signing for a while to make a shortcut to your success: [more…]

ASL: How to Sign Your Baby's Childcare Needs

These three simple signs relate to the things probably on your baby's mind and can get you and your baby on the right track with two-way communication beyond “waaaaaah!” Sign with your child about what’s [more…]

ASL: How to Sign Fruits and Vegetables

Whether you’re discussing lunch with a Deaf friend or introducing fruits and vegetables to your baby, you should know the American Sign Language (ASL) signs for these goodies. If you're signing with your [more…]

ASL: How to Sign Dairy and Grain Products

To suggest a meal, you may need to know American Sign Language (ASL) signs for dairy and grain products — whether you're chatting with a Deaf friend or trying to figure out what your baby wants for dinner [more…]

How to Ask for Dessert in American Sign Language

Who doesn't love dessert? These signs can get you that cake or cookies you want. Or you can show these signs to your baby or toddler because both are common desserts for them, at home and at parties: [more…]

How to Communicate about Safety in American Sign Language

Keeping the people you're with safe is probably a high priority — and these American Sign Language (ASL) signs can help you do just that, whether you're signing with a Deaf friend or your toddler: [more…]

How to Express Your Feelings in American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL), like any other language, allows you to communicate your feelings. You can sign about how that movie made you sad or how seeing your Deaf friend made you happy: [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Pets

Pets are a large part of many people's lives, and American Sign Language (ASL) gives you the means to discuss your favorite non-human friend with signing. You can tell your Deaf friend all about that new [more…]

How to Identify Farmyard Animals in American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) allows you to chat about animals with Deaf friends, including animals that live out in the country. If you're planning a trip to a farm, you may need to know signs for some [more…]

How to Discuss Zoo Animals in American Sign Language

A day at the zoo can be fantastic fun for all involved. A few exotic animal signs can keep your kids (and others) entertained throughout the whole zoo trip. Here are the signs for a few common zoo animals [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Take a moment, the next time you’re outside, and look up. Do you see the sun, moon, stars? You can communicate their beauty through their American Sign Language [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Playing Outside

Whether suggest a game with your Deaf friends at the community park or just want to hang out in the backyard with your kids, these American Sign Language [more…]

How to Use Conjunctions in American Sign Language

As you probably remember from grammar classes of long ago, conjunctions join thoughts or phrases. American Sign Language (ASL) includes conjunctions, which you can use to sign about related ideas. [more…]

ASL: How to Sign about Your Hobbies

From collecting cute stuff to surfing the Web, hobbies keep you busy and entertained. You may share that hobby with Deaf friends, or maybe you want to know the signs to explain those hobbies. The signs [more…]

ASL: How to Sign Songs with Your Baby

Signing and singing with children go together as naturally as peas and carrots. In fact, lots of children’s songs already have motions to them, but be careful to be clear that they’re “motions” and not [more…]

How to Communicate about Weather in American Sign Language

When isn’t the weather a popular topic for discussion? If you want to chat about the weather with your Deaf friends, practice the American Sign Language [more…]

How to Talk about Office Supplies with American Sign Language

Looking around your cubicle or office, you have many things to sign. American Sign Language (ASL) provides you with a way to communicate what office supplies you have, need, or want to a Deaf colleague [more…]

One-Word Questions in American Sign Language

Signing one-word questions in American Sign Language (ASL) is a way to initiate small talk, get to know people, and gather information. When you sign these one-word questions, look inquisitive; the facial [more…]

ASL: Signing Essential Expressions

Practice signing these basic expressions in American Sign Language (ASL) to meet and greet people, join in on conversations, answer questions, and be polite and courteous. [more…]

ASL: Signing the Manual Alphabet

Learning the manual alphabet in American Sign Language (ASL) will help you when you don’t know a sign as you begin communicating. If you don’t know the sign for something, you need to use the manual alphabet [more…]

ASL: Signing Numbers 1 through 10

In American Sign Language (ASL), knowing how to sign the cardinal (counting) numbers helps you in everyday situations like banking and making appointments. Pay attention to the way your palm faces when [more…]

Deaf Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

As you become more confident in your ability to communicate through American Sign Language (ASL) and begin to meet Deaf acquaintances and form friendships, keep some simple etiquette do’s and don’ts in [more…]

Signing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successfully communicating with others in American Sign Language (ASL) starts with learning to sign the manual alphabet, numbers 1 through 10, important expressions, and important one-word questions. And [more…]


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