500 French Verbs For Dummies Extras

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Differentiate between Tense and Mood with French Verbs

If you’re familiar with the terms tense and mood of English verbs, then you shouldn’t have any trouble differentiating between the two with French verbs because they’re defined the same way. If you’re [more…]

Make Traveling Easier with French Verbs

Whether you’re studying French for academic pursuits or are just trying to brush up on the French you used to know, you may eventually plan a trip to a French-speaking country. If you do, the following [more…]

10 Common French Verb Traps

A nonnative speaker of French can mix up verbs or use them incorrectly in many ways. One such way is to translate everything literally and not decipher the nuances that the verb entails. [more…]

French Verbs to Use while Eating Out

Whether you’re eating something light at a local café or experiencing the art of fine dining, these five French verbs can help you speak French in any restaurant situation. [more…]

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