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Spanish Subject Pronouns

Pronouns are very helpful words you use so that you don’t have to keep saying a person’s name over and over. Remember that Spanish has different pronouns for someone you know well — the familiar form — [more…]

How to Form Simple Tenses with Regular Spanish Verbs

The regular Spanish verbs that end in -ar, -er,and -ir take a pretty regular method in forming simple tenses. You start with the stem of the word and add an ending according to the person or pronoun you [more…]

How to Form Present and Past Participles in Spanish

Regular Spanish verbs follow regular rules when they become present participles, verbs that end in -ing in English, and past participles, verbs that end in [more…]

Spanish Verbs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Spanish verbs are generally easier to deal with than English ones because regular Spanish verbs use consistent rules whether you’re forming simple tenses or moving into participles. To highlight the contrast [more…]

Islamic Terms Useful in Understanding the Middle East

Islam is the predominant religion in the Middle East, so if you’re interested in Middle Eastern issues, you need to be familiar with some of basic Islamic terms and concepts. The following list explains [more…]

Speaking and Listening to Improve Your Spanish

Even if you want to learn Spanish only so that you can read and write it, speaking and listening in Spanish helps you absorb the language effectively and efficiently. But talking in Spanish can be intimidating [more…]

Solving Spanish Crossword and Fill-In Puzzles Like a Pro

Whether you’re solving in Spanish or English, the main difference between crossword and fill-in puzzles is that fill-ins don’t have numbers, and so you have to figure out on your own where the answers [more…]

Finding the Answers in Spanish Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles commonly come in two flavors: the seek-and-find variety that includes a list of words you need to find, and the secret list variety, which describes a group of words and leaves figuring [more…]

Decoding a Spanish Cryptogram Puzzle

Cracking the code of a cryptogram puzzle (in which letters stand in for other letters) becomes easier when you know a few inside tips: [more…]

Retaining the Vocabulary You Learn from Spanish Word Games

Learning Spanish isn’t all about vocabulary, but learning vocabulary certainly doesn’t hurt. As you work through Spanish Word Games For Dummies, or any Spanish language course, use these tips to make sure [more…]

Spanish Word Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Solving word games and puzzles helps improve your Spanish language skills in a fun, effective way. You get even more out of the puzzles and Spanish vocabulary when you follow a few suggestions for solving [more…]

The British Sign Language Alphabet

Using British Sign Language (BSL) means you very often need to spell out words using signs for individual letters. Here we show you how to sign the letters of the alphabet. [more…]

Essential Expressions in British Sign Language

Every language has essential, everyday phrases and expressions you just can’t do without, and British Sign Language is no exception. Here we show you a few of these must-have signs. [more…]

British Sign Language Numbers, 1-10

Whenever and wherever you use British Sign Language, sooner or later you’ll need to indicate number. Whether you’re talking money, time or quantity, you need to have the basic numbers at your fingertips [more…]

Open Questions in British Sign Language

Any question which requires information from the person you’re speaking to is an open question. In British Sign Language, each of these questions has its own sign, and we take you through them here. [more…]

British Sign Language For Dummies Cheat Sheet

British Sign language is the standard medium of communication for the Deaf community in the United Kingdom. It’s as rich and complex a language as any other, and just like with any other language you need [more…]

Counting On — and Pronouncing — Roman Numerals

Actual Latin speakers — or more truthfully writers — used Roman numerals instead of the Arabic system English speakers use today. But Roman numerals are still in use, probably most notably in counting [more…]

Useful Little Latin Words

In Latin, as in other languages, little words can mean a lot. How can you make a point without being able to say, “I see your point, but . . .?” The short Latin words in the following table provide some [more…]

Latin Question Words

Being able to ask questions is an important part of learning any language. Latin question words are listed in the following table. Use them and you can sound both knowledgeable [more…]

Latin Noun Cases

In Latin, what form a noun takes depends on how it’s being used. You use different forms of a noun if it’s a subject, another if it’s an indirect object. The following table lists noun cases and uses. [more…]

Common Irregular Latin Verbs

Like any language, Latin has regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs follow common rules when you conjugate them; irregular verbs follow their own rules. The following table shows some of the most used [more…]

Helpful Latin Verb Endings

In Latin, you don’t always need two words to form a complete sentence. The ending of a verb can provide a pronoun, so the quote attributed to Julius Caesar — [more…]

Latin For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To get a handle on Latin, you have to study the normal language things like verb conjugations, including those irregular verbs and verb endings. You need to pay attention to noun cases as well, and learn [more…]

Asking Key Questions in Spanish

When learning the Spanish language, asking another person for something could seem daunting, but you can get by in most situations by using just these eight questions: [more…]

Practising Your Spanish ABCs

To learn a new language you need to develop a foundation of skills and then build upon that foundation. One of the first skills to master is learning the alphabet. Here is the Spanish alphabet, together [more…]

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