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How Phoneticians Measure Speech Melody

Phoneticians transcribe connected speech by marking how words and syllables go together and by following how the melody of language changes. Many phoneticians indicate pauses with special markings [more…]

How Phonetics Can Help You Understand Speech and Language Problems

Phoneticians use the International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA) to distinguish sound substitutions (one speech sound switched for another) from distortion (slurring or mistiming) errors. This information is [more…]

10 Cutting-Edge Phonetics Trends of the Future

Phonetics has come a long way since the good ol' days of Daniel Jones and his colleagues in London at the turn of the century. Technology and mass communication have revolutionized the field of phonetics [more…]

What Produces Speech: Your Speech Anatomy

A source-filter system produces human speech. Speech begins with a breathy source. The airflow beginning at the lungs causes sound to be produced through vibration and hissiness at the larynx [more…]

How Consonants Are Formed: The Manner of Articulation

You make consonants by completely or partially blocking airflow during speech. You can do this in different ways: you can completely block airflow, push air through a groove or slit to make a hissing sound [more…]

How Vowels Are Formed: Some Basic Vowel Types in Phonetics

You make vowels in a different way than consonants. Vowels don't involve air blockage, but instead require a more continual sound flow and sound shaping. Phoneticians describe vowel production in terms [more…]

Phonetics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Phonetics is the scientific study of speech sounds. Phoneticians are interested in how people produce and understand speech sounds. Using symbols from the [more…]

Phonetics and Spectrograms: Putting Sounds on Paper

Spectrograms make speech visible and are one of the most popular displays used by phoneticians, speech scientists, clinicians, and dialectologists. A spectrogram is a readout that shows frequency on the [more…]

Known Errors in Phonetics For Dummies

To make sure the information in Phonetics For Dummies is technically correct and as clear as possible, the author reviewed the title again after publication. The errata document clarifies some points and [more…]

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