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Education and the Use of Digital Storytelling with iPads

Writing and reading stories is an important part of one’s education. With iPads in the classroom, digital storytelling is thoroughly ingrained in modern teaching methods. The digital aspect of storytelling [more…]

Help Students Create Educational E-Books with ScribblePress iPad App

ScribblePress is an app that enables kids to author, illustrate, share, and publish an e-book for iPad. Your students can use ScribblePress to write and illustrate their own stories, and then publish them [more…]

Help Students Create Educational E-Books with Book Creator iPad App

Book Creator is one of the simplest iPad apps for creating e-books. Book Creator frees students to work creatively on a range of e-book projects, and the completed books can be read in iBooks and published [more…]

How to Launch a Social Media Campaign for Your Children's Book

Although a key part of establishing a powerful social media platform to publicize your children's book is persistently and consistently building your online presence using the various tools at your disposal [more…]

How to Engage Students through iPad Digital Storytelling and Multimedia

iPads in the classroom can be used to create digital multimedia stories for a variety of classroom learning projects. iPads offer access to educational apps and tools for creating digital stories. Use [more…]

How to Plan iPad Multimedia Assignments for Students

With classroom iPads, students can create a variety of digital storytelling and multimedia assignments. How should teachers plan iPad multimedia assignments and lessons that test students' storytelling [more…]

How to be Successful as a Micro-Entrepreneurial Writer

In order to be a successful writer and micro-entrepreneur, selecting the type of writing you will do is important. Writing is a diverse field, so in order to have a prosperous micro-entrepreneurial business [more…]

Legal and Management Issues for Micro-Entrepreneurial Self-Publishers

If you delve into the self-publishing world to make money or market your micro-entrepreneurial business without first handling important legal and management issues, you may face some potential problems [more…]

Raise Revenue and Market Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business as a Freelance Writer

You can get paid as a freelance writer, and raise revenue for your micro-entrepreneurial business. You can also market your micro-entrepreneurial business, by writing articles with links to whatever your [more…]

Four Steps to Getting Paid More as a Micro-Entrepreneurial Writer

Writing for your micro-entrepreneurial business becomes truly profitable when you combine content, creative marketing, and a download structure for making your writing easily obtainable. This four step [more…]

Building Your Writing From the Basics: Total Immersion

Copyright © 2014 George Green and Lizzy Kremer. All rights reserved.

Keeping going with your writing can be hard, so here’s a look at ways in which you can write a lot in a short space of time. [more…]

Examining the Elements of a Novel: Using the Senses

Copyright © 2014 George Green and Lizzy Kremer. All rights reserved.

Here’s a look at ways in which you can make sure that the story you’re writing has something in it that appeals to all your readers. [more…]

Starting to Write a Novel: Writing from Pictures

Copyright © 2014 George Green and Lizzy Kremer. All rights reserved.

Getting up a head of steam is difficult when you're writing a novel, so here’s a look at how you can use visual aids to get you past [more…]

Finishing Up Your Novel: Deepening the Shallows

Copyright © 2014 George Green and Lizzy Kremer. All rights reserved.

Finishing your novel is a bit like cleaning your house. OK, everyone cleans their house in a different way [more…]

10 Novels You Need to Read and Why

Copyright © 2014 George Green and Lizzy Kremer. All rights reserved.

Making a list of your ten favourite novels is great fun: Great fun, that is, in conversation with friends. Apart from anything else, [more…]


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