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How Bad Were the First World War Generals?

Even people who don’t know much about the First World War tend to know the phrase ‘Lions led by donkeys’. It’s supposed to have been said by a German general about the British soldiers: It means that they [more…]

Who Was to Blame for the First World War?

The finger-pointing about who caused the First World War began almost as soon as the war was over. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted responsibility but the Germans angrily denied [more…]

Was the First World War the End of an Era?

Many people have presented the First World War in books and films as the end of a Victorian ‘golden age’. Even the weather adds to that impression: many people have seen pictures of soldiers up to their [more…]

Did the First World War Lead to the Second World War?

In some ways, the Second World War was even more terrible than the First World War: It introduced the world to heavy bombing, mass murder, genocide and the atomic bomb. Most of the leaders in the Second [more…]

10 Things Never to Forget about the First World War

‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.’ So go the words spoken each November on Remembrance Sunday in Britain, as the British pause to remember the dead of the First World [more…]

First World War For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Getting a bit lost in the battles and events of the First World War isn’t hard, so this Cheat Sheet offers up a handy timeline that puts some of the war’s key events into order for you. It shows how events [more…]

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