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Scottish History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Scottish history is full of wonderful characters — some good, some not so good — and exciting events from the bloodthirsty to scientific discovery. This Cheat Sheet gives you the lay of the land, and identifies [more…]

The Vikings as You’ve Never Known Them Before

When you think of Vikings, you probably picture longhaired warriors who raped and pillaged everywhere they went. Most Vikings, contrary to appearance, were farmers not warriors. Raiding was a seasonal [more…]

Myth and History: The Case of the Black Douglases

Every child in a Scottish school was brought up to recognise the ‘Black Douglas’ as one of the true, almost mythical heroes of Scottish history. That attitude was underpinned by the part the Douglas family [more…]

Bought and Sold for English Gold: The Treaty of Union of 1707

Why the Scots voluntarily gave up their independence in 1707 to join an incorporating union with the English is one of the most hotly contested questions in Scottish history. The one thing historians can [more…]

Scottish Women and the Suffrage Question

The word suffrage comes from the Latin word for ‘vote’, something that until 1918, women in Scotland and the rest of the UK didn’t have. Voters were male, and they argued that they were entitled to the [more…]

10 Turning Points in Scottish History

Are there any real turning points in history, or is it just one continuous story with a series of little diversions on the way? Historians debate these issues endlessly and never reach agreement. But here [more…]

A Quick Guide to Doctor Who

Doctor Who (not Dr. Who) — a long-running British television series with a cult following — gained more momentum when it briefly introduced a new Doctor at the end of its 2013 season. The science fiction [more…]

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