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A Brief History of Palestine

Palestine was a common name used until 1948 to describe the geographic region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. In its history, the Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman [more…]

Obstacles to a Palestinian State

Since 1948, Israel has controlled most of Palestine. Throughout a decades-long conflict, several critical issues have prevented Israel and the Palestinians from concluding a lasting peace. Here are the [more…]

Israeli Response to Palestinian Call for State of Palestine

On September 23, 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an address to the United Nation’s that expressed Israel’s response to efforts by the Palestinian National Authority to seek United [more…]

Why the Titanic Still Fascinates

The story of the Titanic’s demise is achingly dramatic and keeps audiences and readers spellbound even a century later. The Titanic disaster wasn’t the greatest maritime disaster in history, but it’s by [more…]

Timeline of Key Titanic Events

The events surrounding the construction, voyage, and sinking of the Titanic — and the people involved in those events — have been a source of fascination for a century. Here are some of the key dates in [more…]

2012 Titanic Centennial Commemorations

April 15, 2012, marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. Lots of cities, people, and companies want to commemorate its loss. Following are ten [more…]

Waking Up to the Enlightenment

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

A Rough Timeline of the Universe

Probing back to the origin of the universe involves a lot of estimation and guesswork. Imagine that the word ‘roughly’ is written before each date! [more…]

The Origins of the Universe Glossary

Understanding the technical jargon that makes up the science behind understanding the origins of the universe is made a little simpler with this helpful glossary. [more…]

The Origins of the Universe For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

One of the most fundamental questions of all time is: where do I come from? Delving into the science of the origins of the universe, this Cheat Sheet gives you a rough timeline of the Big Bang and a glossary [more…]

A World War II Timeline

For a brief rundown of World War II, check out the following chart, which highlights critical political events, leaders, and military action in the years preceding, during, and following the war: [more…]

World War II For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A number of people and events influenced the course and outcome of World War II. This helpful timeline of World War II (WWII) maps out those key figures and actions in the years surrounding the war. [more…]

Key Dates in Indigenous Australian History

Indigenous peoples have lived in Australia for an estimated 60,000 years — but it’s impossible to cover all of that history in such short space! Instead, the following timeline starts from European colonisation [more…]

Learning about Indigenous Cultures in Australia

Indigenous cultures around Australia vary in their traditions, values and histories; each group of traditional owners have their own histories and stories to share. To find out more about the traditional [more…]

Indigenous Australia For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Australia’s Indigenous peoples have been in this land for over 60,000 years, making their cultures the oldest living race on Earth. To better understand the recent history of Indigenous communities in [more…]

Queen Elizabeth and Her Constitutional Monarchy

As she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, you may ask what role does Queen Elizabeth play in British politics. Here’s a brief history lesson.

For much of Britain’s history, the monarch — not parliament [more…]

Diamond Jubilee Schedule of Events

The Central Weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 takes place over the four-day bank holiday weekend from Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June.

The U.K., the Commonwealth and much of the world celebrate [more…]

Diamond Jubilee Pub Quiz

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, test your knowledge of the Queen and the royals by taking part in a great British institution.

Each week, the UK is home to 22,445 pub quizzes! That’s [more…]

Ten Great British Places to Visit

If the Diamond Jubilee 2012 in celebration of Queen Elizabeth or the London Olympics inspires you to visit the UK, here are some suggestions for your trip. [more…]

Queen Elizabeth’s First Jubilee

This 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrates the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth. But the Queen also celebrated a Silver Jubilee (25 years) and a Golden Jubilee [more…]

Buying a Piece of the Jubilee

Jubilee celebrations aren’t such an old, established tradition. And a Diamond Jubilee like the 2012 party for Queen Elizabeth — and all of the merchandise available for purchase — is very rare. [more…]

A Brief History of the Korean Peninsula before World War II

Relations between The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and The Republic of Korea (South Korea) haven't always been as strained and controversial as they are today. In fact, the division [more…]

Napoleon Bonaparte's Lasting Contributions

When you hear the name Napoleon, you may think first and foremost of a military leader. But Napoleon made many lasting contributions to the institutions of France and to Europe as a whole. Here are just [more…]

The Seven Coalitions of the Napoleonic Wars

The often-used term Napoleonic Wars implies that Napoleon was the instigator in every military campaign of the period. That's not the whole story. The wars of this period were really about other nations [more…]

A Brief History of North Korea

When World War II ended in 1945, Japan lost control of Korea to Allied forces. In much the same way that Germany was split after the war, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel, with the Soviet Union administering [more…]

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