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Map of Ancient Greece

Want to impress people with your knowledge of Ancient Greece? Print out and pin up this handy map as a quick and useful point of reference. [more…]

Ancient Greece Timeline

Keep this helpful timeline in hand to remind yourself of the significant periods of time and essential events that took place throughout this important part of world history. [more…]

Ancient Greeks For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ancient Greece is famous for its history, literature, architecture, philosophy… the list goes on! Here you will find a basic introduction to this fascinating civilization, including a map of the empire [more…]

Key Dates in Ancient Europe

The ancient world is full of dramatic events and fascinating characters. Here’s a taster of the main events that occurred in Europe in BC (Before Christ) and the first 500 years AD [more…]

Key Dates in Europe’s Middle Ages

The Middle Ages in European history have a bad press, as if everyone was barbaric and always burning witches and torturing people. But it was a time when Europeans achieved their most breathtaking achievements [more…]

Key Dates in Modern Europe

A great number of decisive political wars and revolutions took place in the last two centuries; struggles for independence and liberation, industrialisation, nationalism and European integration. Take [more…]

Key Dates in Early Modern Europe

Early Modern Europe underwent some dramatic twists with empires expanding and religious conflicts raging while science and technology developments made leaps and bounds. Here are some key milestones during [more…]

European History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

European history has had numerous great turns and changes over the centuries with its mighty empires forming, expanding, exploring and warring, and revolutions of all kinds through the centuries, which [more…]

Key Dates in Irish History

Ireland has had a vast history of vast invasions, revolutions, wars and conflicts. Take a look at the major periods in Ireland’s history through the ages broken down. [more…]

Irish History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ireland’s history includes several twists and turns down through the centuries. With invasions, revolutions, emigrations and executions, Irish history boasts a wealth of intense drama. [more…]

The Medieval World Geographical Area

When historians talk about the Middle Ages and a view of the medieval world, they are generally talking about events that took place in and around modern-day Europe and a few adjacent areas, as this figure [more…]

Great Dates in Medieval History

Famine, plague and public execution – the medieval period wasn’t the best time for some, but heroic rulers like Charlemagne, William the Conqueror and Henry V made sure that it was full of action. Here [more…]

Medieval History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The medieval period was an exciting and action-packed time. This Cheat Sheet lists the main events of the period and the locations where they took place. [more…]

What Cinco de Mayo Really Celebrates

Many people mistakenly believe that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. That simply isn't true; Cinco de Mayo celebrates an event that happened in the city of Puebla more than 50 years after Mexico [more…]

Vive la France! La Fête Nationale — Bastille Day

Bastille Day, formally called La Fête Nationale("The National Celebration"), is celebrated every July 14 in France to commemorate the storming of the Bastille, a fortress-prison. Like the July 4 Independence [more…]

Australia’s Military History Pre-Federation

From shortly after white settlement to Federation, Australians have been involved in military activity in many places and for a variety of reasons. Prior to Federation, Australians fought in Australia [more…]

Australia’s Military History during the First World War, 1914‒18

When the First World War broke out in 1914, Australia was a self-governing nation but still firmly supported Britain. Many citizens felt that war would be a way of demonstrating the mettle of the new nation [more…]

Australia’s Participation in the Second World War, 1939‒45

During the Second World War Australia sent contingents from the three services to assist the British Empire in Europe and the Middle East, and then fought with the allies in the Pacific. Major theatres [more…]

Australia’s Involvement in the Cold War — Korea, Malaya, Malaysia and Vietnam

As a member of the Western Alliance, Australia fought in two of the biggest conflicts of the Cold War — the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Australian forces also supported Britain in Malaya and assisted [more…]

Australia’s Military History in the 1990s and the 21st Century

After 1990 Australia again started sending troops overseas for combat operations, although on a much smaller scale than in earlier wars. The Australian forces were part of coalition operations, generally [more…]

Australia’s Involvement in Peacekeeping Missions, 1947‒2010

Australian military and police have taken part in numerous peacekeeping missions around the world. The largest single deployment was as part of INTERFET in East Timor in 1999‒2000. Peacekeeping missions [more…]

Australia’s Military History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

More people are taking a greater interest in Australia’s military history. Australians have been involved in war for a variety of reasons and in many places since soon after white settlement. Australian [more…]

Rebellions and Conspiracies against the Tudors

Rebellions and conspiracies against the Tudors were all unsuccessful, because many of the relevant grievances were of local concern only and the dynasty was pretty good at getting hold of most of the rebels [more…]

Tudor Monarchs and Their Spouses

Apart from Henry VII, the Tudors weren’t very lucky in their marriages. Despite marrying six times, Henry VIII was survived by only one son and two daughters. Of these offspring, only Mary married – and [more…]

Timeline of Top Tudor Events

A lot can happen in 118 years. Here is a list of events that were important both at the time of the Tudors and for what they meant for the future. [more…]


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