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U.S. History For Dummies Extras

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U.S. History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

U.S. history is as complex and fascinating as the people who populate the country. A timeline of significant events in the life of the United States of America starts with hunters crossing the Bering Strait [more…]

Having Fun, American Style: Baseball and U.S. History

Here's an interesting tidbit from U.S. history: Ever since the Mayflower landed, Americans had been playing versions of a game known variously as "one old cat, [more…]

The History of an Incredibly Useful U.S. Product: Vaseline

Ever wonder about the history behind some of the products Americans take for granted? Where, for example, did petroleum jelly come from? Robert A. Chesebrough was looking for a way to keep from going broke [more…]

Rebels Without a Clue: A Little History Behind an Extremist Group in the U.S.

They had guns and a flair for publicity, and that combination captured the attention of the American public and made the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) one of the most high profile of the extremist fringe [more…]

Cashing In on Chips: Gordon Moore, U.S. Inventor

He was a self-confessed "indifferent student" who grew up to be "the father of Silicon Valley."

Moore was born in 1929, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After earning a Ph.D. from the California [more…]

10 Pre-21st Century U.S. Inventions That Changed Life as We Know It

Build a better mousetrap, goes the old saying, and the world will beat a path to your door. But just how good a mousetrap do we need? And who wants the world messing up your lawn beating paths to your [more…]

Hoisting a Few with the Founding Fathers: A Little Alcohol History in the U.S.

While it was customary to give sailors a daily ration of rum in the British Navy, it wasn't always a great idea in tropical climates because it made some of them tipsy. So in 1741, while sailing near the [more…]

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