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Historical Events to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

There’s a saying, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to have it show up on the MAT.” To prepare for analogies involving history on the MAT, you should familiarize yourself with important events [more…]

Historical Figures to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

To prepare for the MAT, you should familiarize yourself many aspects of history, including memorizing the most important figures in history. The following lists important people in history that you should [more…]

Queen Elizabeth II: Over 60 Years of Service to the United Kingdom

Prior to her accession to the throne on her 21st birthday, Elizabeth spoke to the nations of the British Commonwealth via radio broadcast, saying, "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether [more…]

Paul McCartney: Beatle to Businessman

Sir James Paul McCartney is arguably one of the greatest musical influences of all time. Additionally, he is a humanitarian who uses his music skills to raise money for causes he believes in. He is also [more…]

Prince Phillip, Consort to Queen Elizabeth II

A World War II veteran, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has been a key figure in British government and is well-known for his sometimes offensive commentary. He is the spouse of Queen Elizabeth II. Over [more…]

Nelson Mandela: The Father of Modern South Africa

A major force in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918 - Dec 5, 2013) was a cultural symbol of freedom and equality. Going from young revolutionary to serving 27 years [more…]

Fidel Castro: Champion of the People or Cruel Dictator?

Fidel Castro, former President of Cuba, is a controversial and divisive world figure. He has been described by his supporters as a champion of anti-imperialism, humanitarianism, socialism, and the environment [more…]

The Egyptian Uprising: A People's Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution started in January 2011 as millions of protestors from different religious and socio-economic backgrounds demanded the removal of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The protests [more…]

The Libyan Civil War: Free of Gaddafi after 42 Years

The Libyan civil war took place in 2011 as forces loyal to longstanding Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi battled rebels seeking to remove his regime from power. The war started in the coastal city [more…]

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi: Libya's History Leading up to the Civil War

Muammar Gaddafi (1942–2011) had been ruling Libya since the 1969 overthrow of the Libyan monarchy. Gaddafi made it his mission to bring socialism to Libya by dismantling the wealthy, educated, conservative [more…]

Key Dates of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Lewis and Clark expedition (at the time known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition), was the first American exploration of what is now the western portion of the United States. Lewis and Clark departing [more…]

Noteworthy Native Americans that Lewis and Clark Encountered

Many Native American tribes gave the Lewis and Clark expedition shelter, food, transportation, guides, maps, directions, and advice. Several individual Native Americans also stand out in their efforts [more…]

Primary Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

One of the reasons that the story of Lewis and Clark and their journey continues to fascinate people today is its large and colorful cast. Of the 40-some on the Lewis and Clark expedition, here are a few [more…]

Lewis and Clark's Unforgettable Adventure

The Lewis and Clark story is proof that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction: A melancholic presidential secretary and a genial frontiersman leading three dozen young Euro-American men, a handful [more…]

Lewis and Clark For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lewis and Clark's exploration of the West remains one of the best stories in American History. The first European-Americans to venture west of the Mississippi had quite an adventure — partly because Lewis [more…]

Key Dates in the Life of Pope John Paul II

Karol Wojtyła, who became Pope John Paul II, did not allow anything to weaken his convictions. He lost both parents and his only brother before the age of 21, but Karol remained faithful to the Church [more…]

The Ways Pope John Paul II Made History

John Paul II's reign as pope contained few hours of idle time, and as a result he changed the world and the perception of Catholicism. Among his accomplishments, Pope John Paul II [more…]

The Names of Pope John Paul II

Like any pope, John Paul II was not born as "John Paul." Here are the names, nicknames, aliases, and pseudonyms John Paul II used (or answered to) in his lifetime. [more…]

Key Events of the First World War

Many different battles were fought in the First World War and a case can be made for the importance of them all. This list includes some of the most important ones, which had an impact on the whole shape [more…]

How Bad Were the First World War Generals?

Even people who don’t know much about the First World War tend to know the phrase ‘Lions led by donkeys’. It’s supposed to have been said by a German general about the British soldiers: It means that they [more…]

Who Was to Blame for the First World War?

The finger-pointing about who caused the First World War began almost as soon as the war was over. Under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted responsibility but the Germans angrily denied [more…]

Was the First World War the End of an Era?

Many people have presented the First World War in books and films as the end of a Victorian ‘golden age’. Even the weather adds to that impression: many people have seen pictures of soldiers up to their [more…]

Did the First World War Lead to the Second World War?

In some ways, the Second World War was even more terrible than the First World War: It introduced the world to heavy bombing, mass murder, genocide and the atomic bomb. Most of the leaders in the Second [more…]

10 Things Never to Forget about the First World War

‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.’ So go the words spoken each November on Remembrance Sunday in Britain, as the British pause to remember the dead of the First World [more…]

The European and Middle Eastern Fronts of the First World War

The fighting in the First World war was heavily concentrated in Europe and the Middle East. This map shows the main fronts of the war: the Western and Eastern Fronts, Gallipoli, Italy, Serbia, Salonika [more…]


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