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How Washington, D.C., Insiders Wield Power and Influence

Nobody ever said that Washington, D.C., was a simple place. The diversity of stakeholders involved in the policymaking process, and the innumerable forms of interaction among stakeholders within government [more…]

How to Stay Informed about Policymaking in Washington, D.C.

Before you even consider getting your hands dirty playing the policymaking game in Washington, D.C., it’s important to become knowledgeable about the issues at hand. Your voice will be more respected if [more…]

Run for Congress (or become a Staffer) to Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.

Call it old-fashioned, but if you want to craft policy in Washington, D.C., consider positioning yourself to become a policymaker. Running for office isn’t for the faint of heart [more…]

How to Influence Washington, D.C.: Contact Your Congressperson

You don't have to live in Washington, D.C., to participate in U.S. policymaking. Almost all citizens, no matter where they live, are already represented in the policymaking debate through their local House [more…]

Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.: Get a Federal Government Job

Federal bureaucrats are vital cogs in the policymaking machine in Washington, D.C. They write regulations, enforce the rules, and interact with all manner of public and private sector stakeholders. If [more…]

Influence Policy Washington, D.C.: Join an Interest Group

Perhaps you want to do more in Washington, D.C., than make the occasional congressional cold call, but you aren’t up for devoting your whole life to becoming a Washington insider. That’s where interest [more…]

Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.: Be an Activist for a Day

Getting the attention of policymakers in Washington, D.C., can be difficult, especially when they blow past you in a window-tinted Suburban at 50 miles per hour on a residential street. [more…]

Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.: Be a Lobbyist for a Day

Lobbying in Washington, D.C., isn’t just for the professionals. Anyone can pick up the phone and ask to meet a member of Congress or administration official. [more…]

Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.: Be a Citizen Journalist

Ordinary Americans are playing an increasing role in enhancing political media coverage, which plays a major part in how Washington, D.C., and policymaking function. The easiest way to get started is to [more…]

Influence Policy in Washington, D.C.: Join the Washington Establishment

Maybe you think working in Washington, D.C., is the life for you. Welcome to the Washington establishment. Joining the club takes hard work, persistence, and luck, but every year countless young folks [more…]

Carter G. Woodson, the Father of Black History

Every February, the President of the United States issues a statement that speaks of the important contributions of African Americans to the progress of the nation and the world. Thus, Black History Month [more…]

A Brief History of the Korean Peninsula before World War II

Relations between The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and The Republic of Korea (South Korea) haven't always been as strained and controversial as they are today. In fact, the division [more…]

Napoleon Bonaparte's Lasting Contributions

When you hear the name Napoleon, you may think first and foremost of a military leader. But Napoleon made many lasting contributions to the institutions of France and to Europe as a whole. Here are just [more…]

The Seven Coalitions of the Napoleonic Wars

The often-used term Napoleonic Wars implies that Napoleon was the instigator in every military campaign of the period. That's not the whole story. The wars of this period were really about other nations [more…]

Napoleon For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power at the end of the eighteenth century led to two decades of change not only in France, but in all of Europe. From the Napoleonic Wars to progressive reforms in law, education [more…]

A Brief History of North Korea

When World War II ended in 1945, Japan lost control of Korea to Allied forces. In much the same way that Germany was split after the war, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel, with the Soviet Union administering [more…]

The Life, and Short Career, of James Dean

James Dean was a film actor who remains an icon of both Hollywood and American pop culture — despite that fact that his movies are nearly 60 years old and his career consisted of only three major roles [more…]

Mildred J. Loving: Trailblazer for Legalized Interracial Marriage

In 1964, Mildred Jeter Loving took the first step in fighting the Virginia state law banning interracial marriage. Mildred's initiative led to the landmark 1967 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declared [more…]

Roe v. Wade: How Abortion Became Legal in the United States

Roe versusWade, better known as Roe v. Wade,is the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion within the first two months of pregnancy. Up until then, individual state laws regulated abortions [more…]

Jimmy Carter, President and Humanitarian

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., grew from the rural south to become peanut mogul, a state senator, the governor of Georgia, and eventually the 39th President of the United States. Though some might consider [more…]

George Herbert Walker Bush: From Navy Blue to White House

George Herbert Walker Bush was born in 1924 into one of the most prominent families in the United States, a wealthy family committed to civil service. His parents instilled in him a sense of civic obligation [more…]

Key Dates in Quebec History

Since the arrival of the first European settlers, Quebec has had a tumultuous and eventful history. Take a look at the key events that have shaped Quebec: [more…]

Indigenous People of Quebec

When the Europeans colonizers first arrived, three main aboriginal groups populated the territory of Quebec: the Algonquians, Iroquoians, and Inuit people. Each was subdivided into tribes and occupied [more…]

History of Quebec For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As one of the first parts of Canada to be explored and settled by Europeans over four centuries ago, Quebec has played a dynamic and fascinating role in the history of North America. This handy Cheat Sheet [more…]

Historical Terms to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

To prepare for analogies involving history on the MAT, it’s best to start with the most important terms — kind of like what you’d pick up from a basic college course in world history. Before taking the [more…]


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