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Dissertation Writing and Plagiarism

Using an author’s ideas for inspiration, support and illustration is an expected part of your dissertation. However, trying to pass off another person’s ideas and words as your own is totally unacceptable [more…]

Whys and Wherefores of Using Empirical Data

Many students doing a social science dissertation include empirical data (what you’ve found out) in their dissertation; some students analyse existing data; and a significant minority of students write [more…]

Dissertation Research Interview Designs

How your dissertation research interview goes depends on whether the interview is structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Which method you choose depends on what you want to find out, who you’re talking [more…]

Troubleshooting Your Dissertation Writing Process

Usually most dissertation supervisor–student relationships proceed without problems and need little attention. However, from time to time, relationships break down. If you find yourself in this situation [more…]

Back Up Your Dissertation Opinions with References and Quotes

When writing your dissertation, references can be used in a variety of different ways for assorted purposes. You should be careful how you refer to different quotations. It would be an error to present [more…]

Dissertation Writing and the Personal Pronoun

There are many different was to construct your arguments and present a logical dissertation. Degree programmes, fields of study, courses, modules and tutors vary with their attitudes to the use of the [more…]

Dissertation Research: How to Improve Online Searches

Carrying out a properly structured online search is essential for hitting on relevant information for your dissertation. You can systematically narrow down, widen or cut out irrelevant references by linking [more…]

How to Organize a Workshop to Study College Subjects

Workshops are an efficient way to enhance your study skills but organising the workshop can be like trying to herd cats – and everyone knows how uncooperative cats can be – so setting up workshops requires [more…]

How to Present in a College Seminar

Presenting in a seminar is a good way to sharpen your understanding of an academic course of study. When doing so, it’s always useful to engage the audience, which makes it clear that you’re talking to [more…]

How to Study with Linear and Non-Linear Notes

Notes taken during a lecture or seminar are essential to the learning process and using linear and non-linear notes where appropriate is an essential study skill. [more…]

How to Schedule a Study Timetable

You have your class timetable and assignment due dates. Organizing the required activities requires a skillful approach to time management. You can now build in your preparation and other studies. [more…]

How to Keep a Learning Diary to Make the Most of Study Prep

Make the most out of your plans and study preparation by keeping a learning diary. You should have a class timetable, with hand-in dates, a preparation reading program with links to exam questions, and [more…]

The Importance of Critical Thinking to Your Study Skills

A critical thinker brings her own knowledge, experience and judgment to consider the accuracy or value of any information she has acquired through personal study. She also knows that how good information [more…]

College Study Skills Must Include the Ability to Prove (or Disprove) an Hypothesis

Logical reasoning is the benchmark of study skills, but to extend knowledge requires making guesses and having new ideas that must then be tested.

These new ideas are called [more…]

Study Skills Necessary to Produce an Academic Opinion

An academic opinion is the conclusion you come to when you have evaluated all the evidence you were given in a lecture or read about or researched. It doesn’t come ‘off the top of your head’. You reason [more…]

The Advantage of WiFi to College Studies

The ability to study where and what you want requires access to the internet and your study skills will be enhanced by using a wireless, (WiFi), connection to the internet. Wireless network adaptors are [more…]

How Tutors Can Enhance Your Study Skills and Your College Experience

Tutors come in two main varieties and the successful implementation of your study skills at school may very well depend on your relationship with them. [more…]

How to Pick a Computer to Use at College

If you’re buying a computer or laptop to study with at college, make sure that you choose one that’s up to the job. As a general rule it needs at least 256 megabytes of random access memory [more…]

How to Choose Computer Software for Your College Computing Needs

Find out what version of whichever software application your college or university uses is acceptable to maximize your study skills. For example, documents composed in Microsoft Word 2007 cannot be read [more…]

Take Advantage of College Short Courses to Learn Computer Skills

You don’t need to understand how digital software works to be able to use it to study, but some help mastering the system as you practise is useful. You may find support is available through your college’s [more…]

How to Study in Prep for a Lecture

You get so much more out of any class – whether it’s a lecture, seminar, tutorial or workshop, or any group learning situation – if you put in a little study preparation beforehand. For most lectures, [more…]

How Do Seminars Fit into Your Academic Life

Seminars can serve different purposes. In some postgraduate courses, all the teaching can be done by seminars, usually because the group size is relatively small, perhaps less than 25 people. However, [more…]

Ways to Use Google to Enhance Your College Studies

Google is probably the widest-ranging search engine, with billions of entries and is a great asset to studying. It can save you a lot of time (and maybe agony). [more…]

How Wikipedia Helps You to Study College Subjects

An important source of on-line study material is Wikipedia. At the time of writing, Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, had 2,517,264 articles in English and this number is growing. It’s published [more…]

Mnemonics Enhance Retention of Study Material

The amount of raw data that you need to remember as a student will only increase over time. The ability to retain important names and dates is an important study skill. These days you have a lot to remember [more…]


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