Filing & Winning Small Claims

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How to Provide E-Evidence in Small Claims Court

Proving your case in the Internet age has created problems for litigants and the courts system, including small claims. Often judges who are not computer savvy have trouble understanding the technical [more…]

What You Should Know about Online Agreements for Small Claims Court

Online purchases create a sticky situation for small claims courts. You can now buy goods from any place in the world through the Internet. In the vast majority of cases, the online ordering system works [more…]

How to Collect a Small Claims Judgment with a Payment Plan

If you won a substantial amount of money in small claims court, chances are that the defendant may need a payment plan because they won’t have the financial resources to send it to you in a lump sum. Rather [more…]

How to Collect a Small Claims Judgment with a Levy on Property

Levying on property means attaching the property to satisfy a small claims judgment. You have to identify the property, and the defendant has to own it free and clear. If you want the marshal to take the [more…]


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