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Sources of Free (or Almost Free) Legal Information

If you need legal advice but have financial concerns and cannot afford an attorney, look to these resources for free, or almost free, legal advice: [more…]

How to Conduct Legal Research

As a paralegal visiting a law library or conducting computerized legal research, the following steps offer a practical approach to working through a legal research assignment: [more…]

Legal Research Materials and Web Sites

Access to law library resources is largely dictated by the area where you live or work. If you live in a rural area, you may not have the same access to the massive collections of law books that city slickers [more…]

Understanding Contract Law when Negotiating Business Deals

Negotiating deals in the business world requires a fundamental understanding of contract law. For starters, in the United States, unless you have a specific arrangement to the contrary, no deal is closed [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Negotiation Skills In A Day For Dummies

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Small Claims Court

Everyone who goes to small claims court goes with one objective in mind: to win. One way to win is to not sabotage your own case by making mistakes that will cost you points in the courtroom. Here are [more…]

Eight Considerations to Make before Going to Court

Before your big court date, it is especially important that you be prepared and come across as polite, respectful, organized, and armed with the documents you need. [more…]

Eight Key Things to Think About after You've Been to Court

When the arguments have been made and countered and the judge has had time to mull over the evidence and statements given in court, it will be time to hear judgment. Here's what you need to consider after [more…]

Eight Important Things to Do before Filing for Court

"I'll see you in court!" It feels good to say sometimes when you're angry, but before you go filing your claim, here are some things you should consider: [more…]

Filing & Winning Small Claims For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Although the television court shows may be comical, filing a small claim is no laughing matter. There are many things to do, know, and consider before you file, before you go to court, and before your [more…]

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