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What You Should Know about Small Claims Disputes over Down Payments

It’s not uncommon for a person to put a down payment on a house, then have the deal fall through, landing you in small claims court. If the seller is the one who calls off the deal, she usually authorizes [more…]

What You Should Know about Unlicensed Businesses in Small Claims Cases

Business lawsuits are one of the biggest areas that both plaintiffs and defendants make mistakes about in small claims case preparation. The most glaring mistake involves unlicensed businesses. If the [more…]

How to Bring a Small Claims Case over a Car

Car issues are a common source of litigation in small claims court. Being a mechanical object with numerous moving parts, cars don’t always behave as they should, even if they’ve been properly repaired [more…]

What You Should Know to Sue an Airline in Small Claims Court over Lost Luggage

Lost or damaged luggage is one of the major headaches of travel. Many people often want to use small claims to recover the value of items lost with their luggage. Most often, the luggage isn’t lost, it’s [more…]

What You Should Know to Sue a Moving Company in Small Claims Court

A common small claims dispute involves a plaintiff suing a moving company for damaged furniture or lost property. Moving companies are not regulated by state or local government; they’re regulated by federal [more…]

What You Should Know about Bailments for Small Claims Court

A bailment is a temporary transfer of possession of property from one person — the bailor — to another — the bailee. This is common in small claims court because it’s not a transfer of ownership. It’s [more…]

What You Should Know about Small Claims Disputes Over Loans to Friends or Relatives

People often find themselves seeking repayment of a loan to a friend in small claims court. When a friend or relative asks for a loan, ask yourself, “Why me and not a bank?” The reason the person isn’t [more…]

What You Should Know about Wedding-Related Lawsuits in Small Claims Court

What makes these small claims cases difficult is that the problem arises at a once in a lifetime event. Even if you get married more than once, this particular wedding is still a unique one-time occurrence [more…]

What You Should Know about Pet Lemon Laws for Small Claims Court

Because people love their pets like children, small claims cases can arise when problems with our pets do. Pet lemon laws give you, the purchaser, a right to return the animal if the animal is sick, to [more…]

What You Should Know about Professional Service Bills for Small Claims Court

In many cases that end up in small claims court, after the clients received services, they decide they didn’t get what they paid the professional for, or their great-grandpa, who hasn’t left the nursing [more…]

How to Make a Case for Malpractice in Small Claims Court

When a professional fails to perform up to community standards for that profession, he may be sued for malpractice in small claims court. Malpractice is a type of negligence. The most common types of malpractice [more…]

How to Sue for Property Damage in Small Claims Court

One of the most difficult kinds of small claims cases for a plaintiff to prove is property damage claims arising from a flooded basement. Obviously it’s easy enough to prove there was a flood; that’s not [more…]

Should You Appeal Your Small Claims Suit?

How and when you find out who won in small claims court is a key element in the appeal process. It’s important because your time to appeal starts to run when each side gets notice of the small claims decision [more…]

How to Appeal a Small Claims Case if You Win

Why would you want to appeal a small claims case if you won? Most people who win are satisfied and don’t want to appeal, but in a few possible scenarios you may consider it: [more…]

How to Appeal a Small Claims Case

You can’t just sit back and rest after you decide to appeal your small claims case. You have decisions to make and actions to take. Generally, small claims court appeals are decided on the written submissions [more…]

How to Provide E-Evidence in Small Claims Court

Proving your case in the Internet age has created problems for litigants and the courts system, including small claims. Often judges who are not computer savvy have trouble understanding the technical [more…]

What You Should Know about Online Agreements for Small Claims Court

Online purchases create a sticky situation for small claims courts. You can now buy goods from any place in the world through the Internet. In the vast majority of cases, the online ordering system works [more…]

How to Collect a Small Claims Judgment with a Payment Plan

If you won a substantial amount of money in small claims court, chances are that the defendant may need a payment plan because they won’t have the financial resources to send it to you in a lump sum. Rather [more…]

How to Collect a Small Claims Judgment with a Levy on Property

Levying on property means attaching the property to satisfy a small claims judgment. You have to identify the property, and the defendant has to own it free and clear. If you want the marshal to take the [more…]

Succession Plans for the British Monarchy

The line of succession to the British throne is the ordered sequence of all those people eligible to succeed to the United Kingdom and the other 15 Commonwealth realms. Historically, the throne passes [more…]

Protect Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business from Liability and Legal Issues

Every micro-entrepreneurial business should protect itself against potential legal problems and liability issues. No matter how diligent you are as a businessperson, potential legal problems are a reality [more…]

Biometrics Acceptance, Privacy, and Law

Biometric technology is nowhere near universally accepted by all users. There are a number of social and legal considerations that give every organization some pause before taking the jump headlong into [more…]

5 Biometrics Websites to Explore

There are quite a lot of biometrics websites and other sites out there with good biometrics information. Here are five helpful sites from several categories to provide a wider view of biometrics sites [more…]


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