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Making Sense of the Common Core Standards Codes

Each of the Common Core Standards contains a unique code that makes it easy to reference for organizational purposes. Each code contains four aspects that indicate specific information: subject, grade [more…]

Navigating the Student Writing Samples in Appendix C of the ELA Standards

Appendix C of the English Language Arts Common Core Standards offers student writing examples that may help you and your child better understand the standards. Here's an overview of what you'll find and [more…]

Using Calculators with the Common Core Standards

Calculators are useful tools, but when should you let your child use one? Many parents consider that question as their children encounter difficult math concepts. The Common Core Standards don't provide [more…]

Common Core Standards For Parents For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The best way to help your child succeed with the Common Core curriculum is to read the actual standards and understand what skill each is addressing. Reviewing writing samples in Appendix C of the English [more…]

Acting on Concerns about Your Child's Schoolwork

From time to time, you're going to have questions, and possibly even some concerns, about your child's schoolwork. This may stem from the difficulty (or lack thereof) of assignments, the content being [more…]

10 Things to Know about Common Core Assessments

Helping your child succeed with the Common Core Standards will prepare her for taking on tests designed to monitor students' progress. Here's what you need to know about the Common Core assessment tests [more…]

Common Core Math for Parents: Asking Questions at Homework Time

Homework is a hot topic in the transition to Common Core Standards. Homework assignments that ask students to think in new ways can be intimidating to parents. When something comes home that looks unfamiliar [more…]

Keep Common Core Math Facts Straight

A lot of misinformation is available about the Common Core Standards. These standards guide the math your child learns in school each year. In order to advocate for and to support your child, you need [more…]

A Snapshot of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

In addition to the content standards that state what students need to learn at each grade level, the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice describe how students should approach their mathematical [more…]

Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a parent, you’re most likely to encounter the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (Common Core Standards for short) in the homework that your child brings home. The Common Core Standards are [more…]

Getting a Grip on Place Value for Common Core Math

Place value is an important concept to know for Common Core math. The fact that it took thousands of years for humans to develop a place value number system is an important sign that place value is difficult [more…]

Comparing with Logarithms for Common Core Math

You will want to make sure that your child is familiar with comparing logarithms for Common Core math. In addition to comparing numbers with ratio and unit rate, you can actually compare numbers a third [more…]

A Common Core Homework Headache: Subtracting by Adding

One important change in the Common Core Math Standards is that students are expected to work through multi-digit computations by thinking about number relationships before they’re expected to follow standard [more…]

Common Core Math: How to Figure Out a Function’s Function

An important way to think about functions for Common Core math is as relationships between variables. If you think of a function as a relationship, you can keep an eye out for useful features. These features [more…]

8 Benefits of the Common Core Math Standards

States, districts, schools, and teachers have invested a lot of time, money, and effort implementing the Common Core Math Standards — to say nothing of parents. Before the Common Core, each state wrote [more…]

Create Equivalent Fractions in Common Core Math

Being able to identify and generate equivalent fractions is a tremendously important skill in Common Core arithmetic and algebra alike. Fourth graders use pictures and reasoning to write equivalent fractions [more…]

4 Ways That Common Core Standards Help Math Students Learn

One unique aspect of the Common Core State Standards is that their focus goes beyond the familiar content of numbers, geometry, algebra, and statistics. They also include a set of Standards for Mathematical [more…]

How to Reduce Frustration with Common Core Math Homework

Whatever math standards may be — Common Core or anything else — most children will be frustrated with a homework assignment from time to time. The advice to you, the parent, doesn't change just because [more…]

How to Use Symbols to Solve Common Core Math Problems

One of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, or SMP, is "Reason abstractly and quantitatively." This mouthful refers to the idea that mathematical symbols have meaning, and that students [more…]

The Importance of Making Good Arguments in Common Core Math

Probably the most important Standard for Mathematical Practice in the Common Core classroom is to "construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. [more…]

Why Connections Trump Memorization in Common Core Math

Connecting ideas is an important part of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. This is because math is rich with connections. Connections basically are relationships between ideas. But math is often [more…]

How to Help Your Child with Common Core Math Homework

A few of the more stressful parenting moments include when time is tight and when your child is struggling with a homework assignment in his Common Core math class. To reduce this stress, here is a good [more…]

5 Strategies for Helping Your Child with Common Core Math

Want to avoid raising a math‐o‐phobe? Here are five proven ways to help your child become successful in his or her Common Core math classes. [more…]

Why Common Core Math Emphasizes Counting versus Cardinality

To master Common Core Standards in math, children in kindergarten need to learn the sounds and the patterns of the counting words as well as what those words and patterns mean. This helps them learn the [more…]

How Children Compare Numbers in Common Core Math

In Common Core math, many important questions require comparing numbers to decide which number is greater, or whether the numbers are equal. A kindergarten student who can count to 20 may still need to [more…]


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