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Present Educational PowerPoint Presentations using GoodReader iPad App

Teachers who prefer to create their educational presentations with PowerPoint can present them on an iPad using the GoodReader app when needed. Present PowerPoint slides as you formatted them using GoodReader [more…]

Essential iPad Apps to Employ in Your Classroom

iPad apps that are essential in the classroom help students learn and teachers teach, without getting in the way of education. Essential iPad teacher apps help you manage daily tasks, such as accepting [more…]

Essential iPad Apps for Teacher Productivity and Personal Development

Essential iPad apps for teachers can help them be more productive and develop as educators. Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to choosing iPad apps for the classroom and for themselves [more…]

Essential iPad Apps for Student Researchers

Students in an iPad classroom often perform research for essays and other assignments, so iPad apps that help students gather and organize information are essential. Other apps, such as a dictionary, are [more…]

Create Educational Screencasts with Doceri iPad App

Screencasting iPad apps like Doceri record whatever appears on your screen and enables you to add a voiceover narration during the screencast recording or edit and add to it after the fact. Screencast [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with Epson iPrint

Printing directly from your iPad can be accomplished using Epson iPrint. Employ Epson iPrint to print documents in situations where an AirPrint-enabled printer is not available, and Printopia won't work [more…]

Manage VoiceThread Student Accounts and Share VoiceThreads

Generate conversations with students on a range of topics using the VoiceThread iPad app. VoiceThread conversations give students a voice in the iPad classroom learning process, and improves collaboration [more…]

Teach Students to Paint with Brushes iPad App

Brushes iPad app is a powerful artistic tool that's simple enough for students to learn to use quickly. Students who use Brushes iPad app learn how to express themselves better through art. [more…]

How to Create Stop-Motion with Animate It! iPad App

Stop-motion animation can be created with Animate It! iPad app, so it’s easy to incorporate animation assignments in an iPad classroom. Stop-motion animation on iPad allows students to explore their storytelling [more…]

Implement Evernote iPad App in Your Classroom

There are a wide variety of ways to use Evernote iPad app in your iPad classroom Once you start using the Evernote app on your classroom iPads, you’ll think of even more to implement it in assignments [more…]

Choose Between iPad and iPhone Apps for Your iPad Classroom

For your iPad classroom, there are thousands of educational apps to choose among some designed for the iPad, some for the iPhone. Both iPad and iPhone educational apps will work on your classroom iPads [more…]

Edit an Educational Video with iMovie iPad App

If you want to do more with your iPad education videos than just trim them, you’ll need the video editing capabilities of iMovie iPad app. iMovie for the iPad isn’t intended for heavy movie editing [more…]

Why Use Doceri iPad App as an Interactive Whiteboard?

Doceri iPad app is a remote desktop app which mimics the functionality of an interactive whiteboard. With an iPad whiteboard app, you can use your iPad to illustrate concepts in front of your class. There [more…]

How to Use Doceri iPad App to Control a Desktop Remotely

Doceri iPad app is a remote desktop app that allows you to control the desktop of your computer remotely, from you iPad. Doceri also has an interactive whiteboard that allows you to mark up the screen [more…]

Encourage Students to Read with E-Reader iPad Apps

Encourage students to read, using classroom iPads and a good e-reader app. E-reader apps for iPad support many e-book formats, and e-books are easily found many for free, or low cost especially literary [more…]

Teach Students to Paint a Photograph with Brushes iPad App

Brushes iPad app is simple for students to learn to use, yet powerful. Brushes iPad app is so easy, it lets you use photos as the basis for your artwork. In fact, this is the method used for creating the [more…]

Workflow Considerations for a iPad Classroom

To manage iPads in your classroom, you must design workflow options that cover how students will use those iPads on a daily basis. How do you plan to deliver content to student iPads? How do you want students [more…]

Ask Why Before You Deploy iPads in Your Classroom

Simply purchasing iPads for a classroom without asking why and how they will be used will not advance education. If your school purchases classroom iPads as a means of reinforcing the same old educational [more…]

How to Utilize Evernote iPad App in a Classroom

Evernote iPad app is the digital equivalent of a school notebook, so it's easy to utilize in your classroom. Evernote notes you create on your school iPad can be accessed across all your devices at school [more…]

How to Create Class Notes with Evernote iPad App

Evernote iPad app can store class notes across devices. Use Evernote in your iPad classroom to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content, and disseminate it to students when needed. You can [more…]

Search Class Notes Created with Evernote iPad App

Use Evernote iPad app to store text, audio, photos, and other digital content. Search your Evernote notes to locate stored information. Evernote iPad app allows you to create information for your students [more…]

Markup and Annotate PDF Documents Created by Your Students

If your students save their work in PDF format, you may need to markup or annotate those PDF documents before returning them. PDF is often the format used for forms, so if your department requires you [more…]

How to Use Notability iPad App in Your Classroom

Notability iPad app creates notes that integrate handwriting, typing, drawings, audio, and pictures. Use Notability for iPad to create lecture notes and other classroom materials. Notability for iPad can [more…]

Select an iPad App for Taking Class Notes

Teachers and students both need a good note taking iPad app for classroom use. Many note taking apps exist for the iPad, but a good note-keeping app should satisfy the following requirements: [more…]

Why Buy an iPad to Boost Your Child's Education

iPad in Education For Dummies author Sam Gliksman shares some tips on how parents and teachers can use the iPad as an effective (and fun) teaching tool. [more…]

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