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Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

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How to Trim Educational Videos with iPad’s Camera Roll

It’s easy for students to record an educational video using iPad’s Camera app, and just as easy to trim out mistakes using iPad’s Camera Roll. Trimming a video allows students to exercise creative judgment [more…]

How to Use iPad’s iMovie Themes to Create Educational Videos

If you want to do more with your iPad education videos than just trim them, you’ll need the video editing capabilities of iMovie iPad app. iMovie for the iPad isn’t intended for heavy movie editing, but [more…]

How to Use iPad’s iMovie to Create Educational Videos from Scratch

iMovie for iPad is a perfect tool for most video applications in education. Using iMovie, you can edit video, adding transitions and audio to create a movie from scratch. [more…]

Video Editing Apps for Educational Use on iPads

iMovie is good, you may be looking for better editing video alternatives for your students' iPads, like Avid Studio, Reel Director, Silent Film Director, and CollabraCam. The additional features offered [more…]

Early Learning and Educational Sock Puppet iPad Shows

Easy to use, Sock Puppets iPad app allows younger students to explore creative storytelling. With Sock Puppets for iPad, students can create puppet shows that review vocabulary, model behavior, relate [more…]

How to Create Educational Comics with Comic Life iPad App

Comic Life iPad app allows younger students to explore creative storytelling by creating comics. Using Comic Life for iPad, students can create comics that challenge their creativity, imagination, and [more…]

How to Share Educational Comics from Comic Life iPad App

Comic Life iPad app allows younger students to explore creative storytelling by creating comics. After using Comic Life iPad app to stretch students' imagination and language skills, you can help them [more…]

Why Use Podcasts for Education in an iPad Classroom?

Podcasts allow students with iPads to share their learning and to learn from others. A podcast is a valuable educational tool that students can use to distribute audio or video files they create. Podcasts [more…]

How to Plan iPad Podcast Assignments for Students

With classroom iPads, students can create both audio and video podcasts. How should teachers plan iPad podcast assignments and lessons that test students' communication and collaboration skills? How can [more…]

Present Educational PowerPoint Presentations using SlideShark iPad App

Teachers who prefer to create their educational presentations with PowerPoint can present them on an iPad using the SlideShark app when needed. Use SlideShark iPad app and web service when you need to [more…]

Teach Young Students to Draw with Everything Butt Art iPad App

Teaching young students how to draw with Everything Butt Art iPad app builds their confidence and ability to express themselves. Everything Butt Art is an iPad drawing app that teaches kids how to draw [more…]

Why Use Stop-Motion Animation on iPad for Education?

Stop-motion animation can be created with Animate It! iPad app, so it’s easy to incorporate animation assignments in an iPad classroom. Stop-motion animation on iPad allows students to explore their storytelling [more…]

Design VoiceThread Multimedia Conversations on Student iPads

Exchange frontal lectures for two-way conversations with students using VoiceThread iPad app. VoiceThread conversations give students a voice in the iPad classroom learning process, and improves collaboration [more…]

Help Students Create a VoiceThread Multimedia Conversation on iPad

Generate conversations with students on a range of topics using the VoiceThread iPad app. VoiceThread conversations give students a voice in the iPad classroom learning process, and improves collaboration [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with AirPrint

Using AirPrint wireless technology, students can easily print documents from their classroom iPads. AirPrint prints from the iPad to AirPrint-enabled printers without the aid of extra apps, drivers, or [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with Printopia

AirPrint on iPads allows students to print wirelessly to AirPrint-enabled printers. Printopia turns a Mac into an Airprint server, enabling students to print to any of its shared printers, whether or not [more…]

Setup Virtual Printers for Student iPads Using Printopia

Printopia offers virtual printers that allow students to send iPad content to a folder on a teacher's Mac, Dropbox, or Evernote account. Printopia's virtual printers are great solutions for classroom workflows [more…]

How to Create an Educational Presentation with Keynote iPad App

Create presentations for your classroom with Keynote iPad app. Your students create Keynote presentations on their iPads for class assignments as well. Keynote presentations can later be displayed on your [more…]

Migrate Educational PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote on iPad

Teachers who prefer to create their educational presentations with PowerPoint can export them to Keynote on the iPad when needed. Teachers often prefer PowerPoint because it is feature rich and they are [more…]

Define a Teacher's Classroom Projection Needs

Define your classroom projection needs before purchasing projection equipment by asking the question, "What do you want to project and why?" Projector types and abilities vary, so focusing on your needs [more…]

iPad Apps that Create Content for a Digital Interactive Whiteboard

Digital interactive whiteboards are easy to create on an iPad with the right app. With an iPad whiteboard app, you can use images, text, audio, and your own handwriting to illustrate concepts in front [more…]

Classroom Collaboration with a Jot! iPad Collaborative Whiteboard

With an iPad whiteboard app like Jot!, a teacher can use drawings, images, text and media to illustrate concepts to in a classroom. Using Jot! is like using a traditional blackboard/dry-erase board, except [more…]

Ten Keys to Successful iPad Implementation in the Classroom

Don't let the rush to get iPads into your classrooms precede the careful planning that’s so crucial to iPad implementation and their success as educational tools. Instead, iPad use needs to be integrated [more…]

Nine Great iPad Apps for the Educator’s Classroom

iPads in a classroom require apps that aid in student learning and teacher presentations, without getting in the way of learning. Essential iPad apps fall into various categories of usage: productivity [more…]

Storyboard Multimedia Assignments with iPad App Popplet Lite

Students can storyboard their multimedia assignments using the iPad education app, Popplet Lite. The best multimedia projects are planned, and creating a Popplet Lite storyboard with that clearly lays [more…]


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