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Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Select an iPad App for Taking Class Notes

Teachers and students both need a good note taking iPad app for classroom use. Many note taking apps exist for the iPad, but a good note-keeping app should satisfy the following requirements. [more…]

Classroom Tools: iPad in Education

Learning in the Classroom via the Twitter iPad App

Educators are discovering the power of learning via Twitter. Through Twitter for iPad, teachers can share news, opinions, and important information about education, especially on best ways to use an iPad to enhance learning in a classroom setting. [more…]

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Cognitive Psychology For Dummies Extras

Using the Psychophysicists Microelectrode for Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychologists have long sought ways to study processes within the brain and the particular function of its cells. In the past, neuroscientists measured directly the neural activity of cells in [more…]

Cognitive Psychology For Dummies Extras

Cognitive Psychology: Executing Executive Function & Cognitive Control

You can see executive function as being the central processor or managing director of the brain. Cognitive psychologists have theorised that the executive function system is a network that controls other [more…]

Cognitive Psychology For Dummies Extras

Cognitive Psychology: Looking Honestly into Lying

Lying is a deliberate attempt to mislead someone verbally or by conveying a false impression through body language. Cognitive psychologists are particularly interested in lying, because it’s a special [more…]

Cognitive Psychology For Dummies Extras

10 Ways of Sensing the World with Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is concerned with how the brain interprets the information it receives through the senses. Now, you may think that you have five senses, but that’s not entirely correct. People have [more…]

Economics & Finance

The Features of an Oligopoly

The important difference between the model of an oligopoly and the model of a perfectly competitive market is that firms in oligopoly can influence market outcomes. As a result, firms behave strategically [more…]