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Knitting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knitting is a popular craft that can result in functional and decorative art. To get to the point where you're knitting useful garments, you need to know some knitting terms and their abbreviations. You [more…]

Making the Most of Making a Gauge Swatch

The gauge swatch gets a bad rap because some knitters think knitting one is a waste of time and yarn. But the reverse is actually true; refusing to knit a gauge swatch may result in hours spent knitting [more…]

How to Knit on the Bias

Knitting on the bias may sound as if it’s some crazy new knitting technique, but it’s actually just a simple way of shaping a project so that it leans diagonally. Simply put, to knit on the bias is to [more…]

Find the Best Knitting Garment Shape for You

All too often, knitters choose a pattern that everybody is making, shell out for yarn, and spend hours knitting only to finish and realize that they don’t like the garment because that shape looks terrible [more…]

10 Places to Bring Your Knitting

You hear it all the time as you knit: "Oh, you knit! I just don't have the time to do that." It's not that you somehow have more time than this person to just waste away; you just find ways to spend your [more…]

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