Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies Extras

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Jewelry Making and Beading For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you begin making jewelry or beading projects, gather some basic tools and supplies and become familiar with recommended lengths for necklaces, bracelets, and more. Consider how to personalize your [more…]

Ten Quick and Easy Homemade Jewelry Gifts

How often do you find that you need a last-minute birthday gift? What about a quick thank-you present? Use very basic jewelry-making skills to create lovely and quick gifts for any occasion. While these [more…]

How to Make a Beaded Stretchy Ring

Stretchy rings are a quick and easy accessory to make. All you need is a bold slider bead (a bead with more than one stringing hole) and stretchy cord, and you're on your way to awesome. [more…]

How to Make a Rhinestone and Leather Wrap Bracelet

Rhinestone chain is a great choice for making quick and glitzy wrap bracelets. Because the stones are already set in tiny cups and connected, you just need to cut them to the length you want them and then [more…]

Five Tools for the Beginning Jewelry-Maker and Where to Get Them

Getting started in jewelry making and beading doesn't require a lot of money or a large number of supplies. In this video, Heather Dismore, author of Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies, reveals the five [more…]

Four Popular Trends in Jewelry Making and Beading

You want to make some trendy jewelry, but you don't know what trends are popular. Don't worry: Heather Dismore, author of Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies, shows you four hot trends in jewelry that [more…]

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