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How to Crochet the Tunisian Stockinette Stitch

Tunisian stockinette stitch (also known as knit stitch) is a common variation of basic Afghan stitch. Tunisian stockinette looks like rows of crocheted Vs nesting in the row below. As with any kind of [more…]

How to Crochet the Tunisian Purl Stitch

The crocheted Tunisian purl stitch (also known as purl stitch) is a common variation of basic Afghan stitch. Tunisian purl stitch looks like rows of rounded bumps. As with any kind of Afghan stitch, you [more…]

How to Change Colors in Afghan Stitch Crochet

Crocheting basic afghan stitch produces a gridlike pattern, so it’s excellent for creating colored designs. Most patterns that call for color changes in afghan stitch provide a chart to show where you [more…]

How to Cross-Stitch on Crocheted Afghan Stitch

The crochet Afghan stitch, especially basic Afghan stitch, is an ideal base for adding cross-stitch. Cross-stitch a delicate or elaborate color pattern on Afghan stitch instead of working color changes [more…]

How to Crochet a Potholder with Afghan Stitch

Use basic Afghan stitch to crochet a potholder or trivet. With this project, you crochet a potholder in any two contrasting colors. You first work front and back panels, add a border, and then join the [more…]

How to Filet Crochet Blocks

Use the filet crochet technique to create filled blocks in crochetwork. In filet crochet, filled blocks create design while open spaces form the background. Blocks consist of 3 double crochet stitches [more…]

Increase One Space at the Beginning of a Row in Filet Crochet

Increase spaces and blocks to make filet crochet interesting. To increase one space at the beginning of a row of filet crochet, you must chain enough stitches to make up a space. If you increase at the [more…]

Increase Blocks at the Beginning of a Row in Filet Crochet

To increase one block at the beginning of a row in filet crochet, you create two double crochet stitches for the top of the increase block. To increase additional blocks, you follow the same steps as for [more…]

Increase One or More Spaces at the End of a Row in Filet Crochet

When you need to increase a space at the end of a filet crochet row, you start the increase at the top of the last double crochet in the row just prior to the increase. [more…]

Increase Blocks at the End of a Row in Filet Crochet

Increasing a block at the end of a filet crochet row is tricky but still relatively simple. When you increase blocks at the end of a row, make sure that you don’t tighten up too much on your stitches. [more…]

How to Filet Crochet a Lacet

A lacet, sometimes called a fancy stitch, is a type of filet crochet stitch that looks like a V. To filet crochet a lacet, you work it across five stitches or the width of two spaces. [more…]

How to Filet Crochet a Bar

Filet crochet bars (or double spaces) are long spaces that cross over the two blocks or spaces or the one lacet, below the bar. Combine bars and lacets to create an elegant, lacy fabric. [more…]

How to Join Crochet Seams with Whipstitch

The whipstitch is best for joining crocheted rows made of the shorter stitches, such as single crochet. You join the crochet pieces by whipstitching the row-ends together [more…]

How to Join Crochet Seams with Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch is great for joining crocheted pieces that have longer stitches, such as triple crochet and taller. Joining seams with blanket stitch adds some stability to the backside of the seam [more…]

How to Crochet Spikes

Long stitches produce a spike on both sides of the fabric, so they’re well suited for a design that’s reversible. Long stitches (or spikes) are usually single crochet stitches that you work into either [more…]

How to Block Crochet or Knitting with Spray Starch

Use spray starch to block crocheted items for a light- to medium-crisp blocking finish. You can use spray starch to block almost anything, but is especially useful for blocking snowflakes, doilies, and [more…]

Increase Double Crochet in the Middle or End of a Row

You can increase (abbreviated inc) double-crochet by adding a stitch at the middle or end of the row. When increasing double crochet, always count your stitches to make sure you have the correct number [more…]

How to Decrease Single Crochet

You can decrease a stitch (abbreviated dec), which is really just subtracting a stitch, in a single crochet row. You decrease stitches in single crochet in the same places that you increase stitches — [more…]

How to Make a Crossed Double Crochet Stitch

For the crossed double crochet stitch (abbreviated crossed dc), you work two double crochet stitches on an angle. When you make a crossed double crochet stitch, you end up with a pattern that looks like [more…]

How to Crochet a Picot Stitch

Picots (no abbreviation) are pretty little round-shaped crochet stitches that add a decorative touch to an edging. You can also use picots to fill an empty space in a mesh design. You see them quite often [more…]

How to Crochet a Cluster Stitch

A cluster (no abbreviation) is a set of crochet stitches that you work across an equal number of stitches and join together (or cluster) at the top, forming a triangle shape that resembles an upside-down [more…]

How to Crochet a Reverse Single Crochet Stitch

The reverse single crochet stitch (abbreviated reverse sc) is sometimes called the crab stitch. The actual mechanics of a reverse single crochet stitch are the same as for a regular single crochet — except [more…]

How to Crochet the Loop Stitch

The crochet loop stitch (no abbreviation) gets its name from the long, loose loops it leaves behind. Getting the loop stitches' loops all the same length takes some practice, but when you get the hang [more…]

How to Work Front-Post Double-Crochet Stitches

Front post stitches are raised crochet stitches on the surface of the fabric facing you. You can create a front-post double-crochet (abbreviated FP dc) stitch with these steps and some practice. [more…]

How to Work Back-Post Double-Crochet Stitches

Back post stitches appear to recede on the side of the crocheted fabric that's facing you. You can create a back-post double-crochet (abbreviated BP dc [more…]


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