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Your personal Spotify Inbox is a Spotify feature that lets you send and receive music in much the same way that you exchange e-mails. You can even add a small message to any tracks, artist pages, or playlists that you send to your friends.

The advantage of sending people music by using their own personal Spotify Inboxes is that they can easily manage all received tracks, playlists, and other musical goodies from within the Spotify window.


Your Spotify Inbox includes fields for the item name (Title), who sent it (From), the artist and album for the track (if applicable), song length (Time), and when it was added to your Inbox. Special symbols next to certain items let you know whether you’re received an album (a disc icon), playlist (a music note) or artist profile (a silhouette).

If an item doesn’t have an icon next to it, then it’s a single track. There’s also a link that you can click to buy the track, and if a message was included, you see a small speech bubble in the From column, next to the sender’s name.

Depending on how many tracks end up in your Inbox, you can filter them by using Ctrl+F (Command+F on the Mac) to bring up a Filter bar.

Don’t confuse the Search filter with where it says Filter in your Inbox window. The Inbox filter is like a junk-mail filter that allows you to display only tracks from people you follow.

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