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Write Hot Resumes that Open Job Interview Doors

Ever wonder why after sending out hundreds of resumes, you almost never get a call to interview for a job? There’s a good chance your job search has stalled because you’re relying on yesterday’s one-size-fits-all resume, when, in fact, the heyday of the generic resume is gone.

NO! This generic resume is passive. The emphasis is on your needs.  It sends the lazy message: 
NO! This generic resume is passive. The emphasis is on your needs. It sends the lazy message: “Here’s what I offer. I hope you can find a place for me.”

Click here to view the full resume.

Rather than lose out on interviews, update your old resume with new resumes.

Much better: Hot resume writing tips

Employers respond to job seekers who take the time to research what a job's about and to present a clear case of being the best qualified candidate. Heed this critical resume advice:

  • First prepare a core resume with accomplishments, experience, competencies, skills, and education. Use lots of pages — only you see this document.

  • When applying for an advertised job, write a custom resume for that job by comparing your core resume with the job’s requirements. Match each requirement with your qualification for it. Next, without repeating yourself, relate experience for the most important job duties.

    YES! This customized resume is active. The emphasis is on the employer’s needs. It sends the
    YES! This customized resume is active. The emphasis is on the employer’s needs. It sends the high-energy message: “I’m selling exactly what you want to buy because I researched what you want. I’m the one you must interview.”

    Click here to view the full resume.

    Job requirements and job duties are not the same thing. Requirements include specific education, experience, working knowledge, licenses, certifications, proficiencies — even attitude and disposition — related to successful performance of the job. Duties cover the tasks you’d be expected to do on a regular basis.

    For example, job requirements for an executive assistant in a filmmaker’s creative department might include such essentials as college studies, secretarial experience in motion picture development, strong interest in scripts, excellent communication skills, and the flexibility to work overtime.

    By contrast, sample duties for the same job description might include such things as keyboarding correspondence, conducting online research, coordinating travel arrangements, screening calls, preparing expense reports, and ordering supplies.

    Don’t confuse these two elements in a job description when you’re trying to match your qualification for each requirement. Use keywords to focus on the job’s requirements so that your resume will impress all-powerful recruitment software, boosting your interview odds.

  • When you aren’t replying to an advertised job, but instead posting your resume in an online database, you can’t write a custom resume. But you can do the next best thing by reading relevant jobs ads to research the most requested qualifications for a given occupation or career field.

Your new resumes: What to avoid

Don’t rewrite every word of your custom resume. Instead, place the text that directly addresses the job description at the beginning of each resume; follow up with fixed text, such as education and places of employment.

Resumes don’t get jobs — resumes get job interviews. No interview, no offer.

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