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Get a handle on working with keyframes and animation sequences in Adobe Edge Animate and then you can create them and edit them to do what you want. Here learn how to do the following:

  • Selecting keyframes: After you create keyframes, you can select them so that you can edit them.

  • Editing keyframes: After creating a keyframe, and then selecting it, you can edit it.

Selecting sequences

After you create keyframes and animation sequences, you may want to select them so you can edit them. You have several ways you can select keyframes.

  • Place the cursor over the top bar (also called the rollup bar). When the cursor turns to the shape of a hand, as shown, you can click to select all associated animation sequences.

    Select keyframes and animation sequences by clicking the rollup bar.
    Select keyframes and animation sequences by clicking the rollup bar.
  • Select keyframes by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

    You can select several keyframes at once.

  • Hold the Shift key down while clicking different keyframes to select more than one at a time.

Edge Animate also allows you to select just one animation sequence by clicking a specific colored bar. You can edit animation sequences and keyframes after you've selected them.

Editing sequences

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides an easy means to not only move keyframes and animation sequences, but you can shorten or lengthen them as well.

Moving sequences

To move keyframe and animation sequences either up or down the Timeline, simply select the color-coded bar and then drag it while keeping the left mouse button depressed.

You can move multiple keyframes in the same manner. To select more than one keyframe at a time, hold the Shift key down while clicking different keyframes.

Lengthening or shortening sequences

Not only can you move where the keyframe appears in the Timeline, you can also lengthen or shorten the keyframe so that the animation takes a longer or shorter time to play.

To lengthen the keyframe, move the mouse cursor to either end of the keyframe until the cursor turns into a double-arrowed line (see this figure). Then simply click and drag.

Lengthening or shortening animation sequences.
Lengthening or shortening animation sequences.
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