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Windows 8 Troubleshooting Resources

If you have a Windows 8 troubleshooting question, you might be able to make a phone call to your local computer shop for a quick answer — even after the warranty expires — but most folks turn more often to the source. After all, Microsoft built the doggone thing.

Following are the three troubleshooting resources offered by Mother Microsoft. (And one option doesn’t even require the Internet.)

The Windows 8 Help system

The Microsoft Knowledge Base entries you find in Help (which, to no one’s surprise, are pulled directly from the Microsoft Knowledge Base website) are particularly valuable when you’re troubleshooting problems with Windows 8.

Microsoft tech support

Microsoft offers both online and telephone technical support, using real human beings. This type of support is probably the most valuable troubleshooting resource around, along with the technical support you receive from the manufacturer when you buy your PC. Because all Microsoft products have different telephone support numbers, check your Windows 8 documentation for the proper number to call.

The Microsoft website

Of course, you can also always find Microsoft online (if you can still get online with the trouble you’re encountering). The Microsoft website is stuffed full of information, and each product typically has its own home page.

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