The two primary sources of medical transcription education are community colleges and online schools, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s how they compare:

Community College Strengths Community College Drawbacks
Tuition is affordable. You can’t proceed at your own pace.
The program comes with a fixed schedule to help keep you on track. You can enroll only at certain times of the year.
The program is operated by an accredited institution. You have to travel to the campus for most or all courses.
Community colleges often offer internship opportunities through relationships with employers. The admission process is more complex and stringent; it often includes submitting a high school transcript, among other steps.
You may be able to use federal financial aid programs to help fund your education.
Because you register and pay for semesters one at a time, there is less financial risk if you change your mind.
Online Medical Transcription School Strengths Online Medical Transcription School Drawbacks
You can study from anywhere you can access the Internet. They’re usually more expensive than community college programs.
You set your own study schedule and proceed at your own pace. You must be totally self-motivated and self-disciplined or you won’t finish.
You must exercise greater caution when selecting a school due to lack of accreditation.
Tuition is less likely to be eligible for federal financial aid programs.