Office 2008 for Mac is full of handy apps and helpful tools. The following list tells you where to find some of Office 2008's unusual or out-of-the-way features and commands:

  • Clip Art: Office includes a tasty selection of clip art images; launch the Clip Gallery by choosing Insert→Picture→Clip Art (Word and Excel) or Insert→Clip Art (PowerPoint).

  • Symbols (such as ©, ™, ® or €): Choose View→Object Palette and click the Symbol tab (third from the left).

  • AutoCorrect On/Off: The AutoCorrect feature in all the Office applications can be a real timesaver. But sometimes it interferes with getting things done. When that happens, you can turn individual AutoCorrect items — such as Replace Straight Quotes with Smart Quotes Automatically as You Type or Automatic Bulleted or Numbered Lists — on or off by choosing Tools→AutoCorrect and then deselecting the check box for the item.

  • Application Preferences: You would think they’d be in the Tools menu, but you’d be wrong — you find them in the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Entourage menus. Or skip the menu and use the keyboard shortcut: Apple key+, (comma). Preferences are specific features, such as spelling and grammar checking, automatic saving, and WYSIWYG font menus, that you can turn on or off.