To search the Internet on Glass, you need to be connected to the Internet through the device’s Wi-Fi connection or your smartphone’s data plan. You can initiate many types of searches on Glass. Here are a few examples:


Service tips

You can use Glass to calculate the tip when you go out to dinner. If you ask “What is 15 percent of 33 dollars?”, for example, Glass displays the result shown.



You can translate phrases into other languages. When you ask “How do you say ‘Good afternoon?’ in Slovenian?”, you see the translation shown here.



You may want to get the definition of a word you don’t know or want to know more about. When you say “Define serendipity,” Glass displays the word’s definition, as well as its pronunciation and part of speech.


Nearby attractions

You can find attractions in a city you’re visiting. To find places to dine in San Francisco, say “Restaurants in San Francisco.” Glass finds the restaurants closest to your current location and displays them on a map, as shown. You can get more information about a restaurant by selecting the restaurant in the list. (Scrolling through the list may be required.)

After you search for something on your Glass, the search appears as a card in your timeline. You can delete a past search by deleting its card from the timeline.