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E-commerce solutions have become a hot item in the WordPress world. A lot of businesses and individuals are turning to the web to increase their profit margins or make a little money. WordPress already makes creating a website and publishing information easy — and some crafty and creative developers have designed easy-to-use plugins for WordPress that help people sell products on their websites.

And if you’re skeptical that selling on the web is for you, just look at successful sites such as eBay and Etsy, where sellers make a living sellers their wares online.

E-commerce plugins add features to your WordPress installation that allow you to

  • Create a dedicated store of product listings.

  • Upload and display product images.

  • Attach prices to each product.

  • Provide inventory tracking.

  • Include payment gateways, such as PayPal or Google Checkout, to make it easy for visitors to purchase items directly from your website.

  • Configure sales tax and shipping rates.

  • And more…

Some examples of the types of products people use WordPress e-commerce plugins to sell are

  • Physical products: Jewelry, clothing, or digital equipment

  • Downloadable products: E-books or software, such as plugins

  • Memberships: Clubs, societies, or members-only websites

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