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What Is SI (Smart Interaction) on the Samsung SmartTV?

While a SmartTV’s standard input device is a remote controller, the Samsung SmartTV supports additional TV controlling options with voice and (movement) gesture sensing. Samsung calls this technology Smart Interaction.


Preparation for using the SI

The Web Device API library is needed to use the SI. Add the following statement in index.html to enable the application to use the library.


Checking the SI capability

Not all Samsung SmartTVs support the SI. Only the 7000 series or higher models that were marketed after 2012 have the SI feature. Therefore, it is vital to check if a SmartTV has the capability before using voice or gesture recognition.

The Web API’s Is RecognitionSupported() member function returns if the current SmartTV supports the SI feature.

The IsRecognitionSupported( ) Function
Function IsRecognitionSupported
Version Support from RECOGNITION-0001
Security Type RECOG
Usage IsRecognitionSupported()
Return Value 1 (Success)
0 (Failure)

An example of the IsRecognitionSupported( ) function follows:

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