Web Marketing: How to Add Content to a Netvibes Homepage

Netvibes can be helpful to web marketers for tracking social media websites. To add content to Netvibes manually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the site, blog search, or other page to which you want to subscribe.

  2. Right-click the RSS or Subscribe to RSS link.

  3. From the shortcut menu that appears, choose the Copy Link Location command (or a similar one).

  4. Go to Netvibes and log in (if you aren’t already logged in).

  5. Click the Add Content button.

  6. In the page that opens, click the Add a Feed button.

  7. Paste the feed URL and then click Add Feed.

    Netvibes presents options, if necessary. Options are determined by the specific widget. The kind of content you want or don’t want, whether to include photographs, or whether to play video automatically are possible options.

  8. Click the Add to my Page button.

    The feed is now on your Netvibes homepage.

Here are a couple of shortcuts for adding feeds to Netvibes:

  • Simply click Add Feed and then, in the field that appears, type the web address of a site. If the site has a feed, Netvibes finds and adds it automatically.

  • Use a Firefox plug-in or a Chrome extension (if you use Firefox or Chrome as your web browser). Be sure to read about those items when you start using Netvibes. Plug-ins are great and easy to install, but do a little research to find the ones that have been around for a while and are proven to work.

Netvibes offers a few additional options with which you can

  • Change the number of items shown in the feed box.

  • Color-code the content boxes.

    Color-coding might seem silly at first, but it can make your social media desktop much easier to review.

  • Show more information about each post.


To access these options and others, click the Edit or the Options button at the top of each content box.

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