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Lion Server has a few built in anti-virus tools, but if you want to ensure full and complete protection for your Lion Server and its clients, you might try Intego’s VirusBarrier Server.

Mac viruses and malware are fairly uncommon. Virus programmers tend to focus mostly on the several hundred million Windows PCs in the world. This doesn’t let Mac OS X off the hook. Mac malware has been appearing during the past few years, and one of these days, a big Mac-focused virus wave may hit. Servers in particular are important computers to protect.

Intego’s VirusBarrier Server automatically checks files located on a Mac server and files that are launched from the server. VirusBarrier Server quarantines infected files it finds and sends an e-mail message to an administrator. It can also repair files that have been quarantined. Like all good virus packages, VirusBarrier Server automatically checks for and downloads updates of the latest virus definitions.

Lion Server’s e-mail service already comes with well-respected open source antivirus software, ClamAV. But if you want another layer of protection, VirusBarrier Server comes with VirusBarrier Mail Gateway, which automatically checks all e-mail messages when running Lion Server’s built-in mail server.

VirusBarrier Server can detect a variety of malware, including scareware, which is software that tells users that their Mac is infected, often to trick them into downloading more malware or buying something. VirusBarrier Server also detects spyware that monitors keystrokes, dialer viruses that dial your modem access number, and other sneaky invaders.

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