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Using the Spanish Preposition Hasta Correctly

The Spanish preposition hasta (ahs-tah) can mean either until or to, depending on the context of a sentence. Although still considered a common Spanish preposition, hasta only shows two things. That leaves you with a lot less to memorize in order to use hasta accurately.

Hasta can only be used to show the following:

  • Place/location: For example, to tell someone to Drive to the traffic light in Spanish, you’d say Conduzca hasta el semáforo (kohn-doos-kah ahs-tah ehl seh-mah-foh-roh).

  • Time: If you want to say to a friend See you later or Until then in Spanish, you’d say Hasta luego (ahs-tah looeh-goh). At the end of a work day, you might tell a coworker Hasta mañana (ahs-tah mah-nyah-nah), which means Until tomorrow.

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