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Using the Rule of Thirds in Your Digital Photos

Use the rule of thirds when framing a photograph with your digital camera. This rule divides the camera frame into three squares across by three squares down, and you position your photo subjects in relation to those lines.


Position your subject in your frame.

For maximum impact, don’t place your subject smack in the center of the frame. Instead, using the rule of third’s imaginary lines, position the main subject elements at spots where the dividing lines intersect. In this figure, the point of interest (the deer’s eye and nose) are lined up at one of these intersections.


Take your picture.

You can try different camera positions to hit the right rule-of-thirds placement.


Make adjustments in your computer’s image-editing software, if necessary.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to frame your shot properly when you take it, just frame it loosely, including a good margin of background around the subject. Then, you can crop the image to a better composition in your photo editor.

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