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Using QR Codes in Mobile Marketing

A QR code, like the one shown in the following illustration, is a two-dimensional bar code that compresses information in an action-ready, digital format. For example, the Cure Starts Now Foundation, which raises funds for brain cancer research, links a QR code in a print ad to a landing page.

The landing page offers a coupon in exchange for contact information. Any camera-enabled cellphone can scan a QR code (which can contain a phone number for autodial), send an e-mail, include a link to a website for more information or to view a video, or offer a chance to Like your Facebook page.

The QR code is a link to the book’s companion website.
The QR code is a link to the book’s companion website.

Creating a QR code is free with a generator such as the one at QRstuff. QR readers are built into the latest smartphones, or users can download free apps for their particular devices from sites such as 3GVision. Be sure to tell readers the benefits of the code, how to scan it, and where to find a reader application.

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