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You may already use MobileMe with your Mac and iLife, and you can upload pictures to the Gallery section of MobileMe to share with other people. You can also share iMovie videos in your MobileMe Gallery so that others can watch them using a current web browser and, if you give permission, download them.

To share a video on MobileMe, follow these steps:

  1. Select the video's project and choose Share→MobileMe Gallery.

  2. Click the Sign In button to show the next window, and then enter your member name and password and click the Sign In button to sign in.

  3. Fill in the Title and Description fields.

    You also see a grid showing the video picture sizes that work with different devices.

  4. Select one size or as many sizes as you want to create multiple versions of your video.

    Click a target device to automatically select all sizes that work with the device. Some size options aren’t available if the project’s video clips are set to a lower size.

  5. To control privacy for the uploaded video, change the Viewable By option from Everyone to Only Me, or choose Edit Names and Passwords to add names and passwords of people you want to allow access to your video.

  6. Click Publish to publish the video (or Cancel to cancel).

    After the video has been uploaded to your MobileMe Gallery, the Shared To pop-up menu appears on the title bar of the project set to MobileMe, the pop-up menu includes the Visit button to go to the video’s web page, and the Tell a Friend button lets you send a notification (by e-mail) to others to watch the video.

You can invite people to view your MobileMe Gallery by sending an e-mail with a link to it. You can find the link in the upper left corner of the MobileMe web page displaying the Gallery.

To remove versions of your video project from the MobileMe gallery, select the project and choose Share→Remove from→MobileMe.

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