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Google+ is currently available for mobile web browsers as well as for mobile operating systems on Android and iOS devices. On Android and iOS phones and tablet devices there is an official app you can download to use Google+ on your device. However, on other devices with a web browser, you can access the Google+ site and still get the Google+ experience.

If you don’t use an iOS or Android device, or you prefer not to use their apps, Google does provide a high-quality mobile web experience. To see what that experience looks like, refer to the following figure. To get to the Google+ mobile web experience, just go to on your mobile device.

The Google+ mobile web experience.
The Google+ mobile web experience.

The Google+ experience on your mobile web browser is similar to what you would have in a desktop experience, but in a much more condensed and easy-to-consume format that is built for a smaller device. With the exception of the huddles (chat) feature, you get the same basic mobile experience that you would get when using Google+ on an iOS or Android device.

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